Wednesday, 22 December 2010



The dangers of the adherents of this pre medieval barbaric superstition have been shown many times in recent years with bomb attacks the grooming of teenage girls and their general terrorist activities for which they avoid arrest and deportation with impunity using the notorious "Human Rights Act".

This ill thought out act only gives protection to those who wish us harm but leaves us vulnerable.
So frightened are the authorities of these alien terrorists that when an outrage occurs they reassure "the muslim communities" with our taxpayers cash to attempt to bribe them to desist from further terrorist activities but this furthers muslim contempt for us.

Representitives of this alien creed are promoted to positions of power and influence, not on merit but solely on account of their adherence to this creed. It is tokenism at its worst and most dangerous.
As Nationalists we prefer to live among our own European kind but can work sometimes with those of African or Indian origin and even tolerate some who have become integrated and who are no great threat to our society so long as the numbers are kept small.
However with muslims it is a different matter. These aliens do not want to integrate or cooperate, THEY SAY THEY WILL TAKE OVER.
"Islam will rule the world" they say, and all over the world they are actively working to this end.
If you look at the globe, you will see that wherever, without exception islam comes into contact with more gentle or civilised cultures there is strife.
In our country they are coming in increasingly large numbers to suck at the teat of the Welfare State while they continue their programming of outbreeding us.
Even Colonel Gadaffi stated that islam would triumph in Europe as they would outbreed us.
Nick Griffin was lucky to escape jail for being secretly recorded at a private meeting that it is a wicked vicious faith, merely a true interpretations of the facts.
Draw a picture of their paedophile prophet and all Hell breaks loose with death and destruction.
Of course they can threaten death to us in safety while the police arrest those English people who protest.
Convert from islam to another faith, that's a death sentence.
Homosexual,? get thrown off a cliff.
Commit adultery, stoning if you are a woman (even though you were raped)
How much more evidence do our government need that it is a wicked vicious faith,given that 30% of young muslims in Britain believe that killing is justified for their faith?
The trouble is that their numbers are growing exponentially as a result of illegal immigration and their rapid breeding. It is estimated that there are over 2 million muslims in Britain(I think many more). So that means there are 600,000 of them willing to kill us.
Daily they are becoming more vociferous in their demands and open in their contempt for us.
Today I read that the above poster has been put in some areas with the intent of stopping Christmas.
While I agree that Christmas has lost some of its religious flavour it remains a central part of the Christian culture where people celebrate their faith and cement family ties. It is a time of giving and friendship.
How dare these uppity foreigners try to curtail our traditional customs.
The thought that they are predicted on present trends to increase ten fold within 2 decades fills me with dread. What will they be like when the are the majority in all our major cities and can out vote us.
Our country is indeed in mortal danger and still the government will not act.
So what can be done?
Well for a start anybody who has entered the country illegally in the last 10 years should be expelled immediately or as soon as possible together with any British slags who have had children with them and these children.
Of course all benefits to immigrants should be stopped. Think how much money that would save.
All aspects of our country which make them more comfortable such as new mosques and islamic schools should be prohibited, after all Christian churches are not allowed in Saudi Arabia.
All special concessions such as muslim toilets, islamic burial and the wearing of their ugly clothes should cease.
That would be a start. We would have to see how it went on after that and if further measures were needed.
Will it happen? Not while we are in the EU and no doubt that body would put sanctions in place against us. But Russia has a lot of trouble with islamic militants and would make a good ally.
It is said that all muslims are not extremists and I would accept that, but if over 600,000 would kill us for their religion how would we identify the dangerous ones? Therefore the only safe long term goal would be to rid our country of this dangerous group.
If we don't the only two possibilities are being dominated by them or civil war.
Or do our government want these scenarios?
Sometimes I wonder.

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