Thursday, 23 December 2010


The news that the silly old fool Vince Cable had been conned by some pretty young reporters into admitting his dislike of the Rupert Murdoch has ruffled a few Tory feathers.
If it had been some other Limp Dem MPs no doubt a young male reporter would have been used.

Cameron was outraged by Cable's statement and demoted him.
Milliband called for him to be sacked.

Why all this consternation about a minister's opinion of a newspaper owner? It is because the politicians of Labour and the Tories are fearful of Murdoch's power.
This antipodean tycoon at present residing in the USA and having no allegience to any country or cause except his own power, controls much of the media output in Britain and is not reluctant to use this power to further his own interests.
Owning the "Sun" "News of the World", "Times" and much of Sky television his opinion can make or break a political party. No wonder they are so frightened of him.

Tony Blair jetted across America to see him and Cameron has entertained him, but is this concentration of power and influence in one person's hands healthy for democracy?
Seeing the sales of his increasingly downmarket news rags fall he is trying to gain more influence in television to push his anti British views.

Cable's replacement in the negotiations, Jeremy Hunt is known to be a big fan of Murdoch's and no doubt will favour the sharp operating Murdoch in his bid to control the parts of Sky he does not already own.

That the sting was sprung by the Telegraph shows that they realise that the increasing power of the Murdoch conglomerate is a threat to their business and was thus for somewhat self preservation reasons.

BUT, whatever the Telegraph's motives the fact remains that a monopoly of the media is not in the interests of the British people and the major parties are afraid to tackle this ruthless boss of an internationalist nepotistic media empire.


Andyj said...

Vince Cable being a daft old git has actually made the proper decision. And the corporate butt monkey's are all wringing their paws and wailing for slighting their great God. The Murdock.

This daft old git has actually made the right statement for once. Whether his peers secretly back him or not.

Anonymous said...

Vince Cable. AND CREW, power mad,
will lead this UK to doom.

Selfish gits, as is Lisa Nandy,
Wigan token, LaBour MP, who needs a personal photo taker, so she looks ?, like a typical, pale, skined, Wigan woman ? I think not.

SHAME, some of us has seen here pics on facebook, before, before she became famous !!!

Before, they were, tampered with.

Come on Lisa, how much are we paying for your pics to be touched up, so you can try and con your voters ?