Friday, 19 November 2010


What an eventful week it has been and a portent for the disaster we face owing to the incompetence of our rulers.

First, unemployed ugly muslims desecrate our poppies by burning them. The only ones arrested for this crime are EDL supporters who complain.
It makes an Englishman want to throw up. However, many people including the young who the State has attempted to brainwash into accepting the destruction of Britain are also understandedly upset and support for the BNP is increasing among them.

Then Guantamano terrorists are compensaed to the tune of £ millions because they were tortured by the USA and we supposedly knew about it.
These terrorists are not just scum, they are Al Qaida scum and that is why they were arrested in the first place. At least one was only resident here and had no right of citizenship. Never mind he was flown back here in luxury at our expense and all the legal costs were paid for by ? you guessed it. The British taxpayer i.e you and me.

Also last week many muslim extremists who should have been deported have been released from prison as it is agains their "human rights" to send them back to their own country. Even "Hook hand"has been given right of residence.

Now as we are in Afghanistan and control certain areas they could all be deported to these areas and left to enjoy the advantages and pleasures of a muslim society without having to mix with the infidels. Oh and their families could also be relocated as they have a right to family life.
Food could be provided to give them a start. I suggest Spam. This is what the passengers on the luxury cruise ship which broke down in the Carribean survived on so if Spam is good enough for them it is good enough for these criminals and their families.

Yesterday we were informed as if we didn't know that white British people would be in a minority in little over 50 years.
Also yesterday it was announced that the UK government would have to pay £ 7 billion (money we have to borrow)to help bail out Ireland, and that is in addition to the increase in our EU contribution.
Today we get the new knighthoods awarded by the Tories and numbered amongst them are wealthy hedge fund managers who gave money to the Tory Party.
These thieves can loot the country knowing they will be richly rewarded by their party.

If course all the expenses incurred by government will mean that ways will have to be found to reduce expenditure on services used and needed by us.

They have now come up with a new way of saving NHS money. Sack GP receptionists and replace them with call centres which could be abroad (to save money you know) and even in India.
Well if you have ever tried to sort your broadband out speaking to a man you can not understand imagine the difficulties for an old person unused to modern technology trying to book an appointment to see his GP whose surgery is possibly within yards of the patient's house for
stomach pains or a repeat prescription. What chance would there be for either the patient or Indian call centre employee understanding each other especially when descriptions of symptoms vary in different localities.
Lives would be lost.
Never mind, money would be saved. More for the hedge fund managers to get their greedy hands on and no doubt gain knighthoods.

The concept of offshoring jobs is not always a bad idea.
I would offshore the committee who suggested such a daft idea together with the senior members of the LibLabCon parties and all those promoted by them, not just the jobs but the people in them. And while they are at it they could take the anti British muslim scum who hate us and insult our flag and memories of those who fell for it and us.

We MUST endeavour to rid ourselves of the greedy parasites who rule us and the thieves who support this system and are so richly rewarded for doing so, and the dross of the world they have allowed into our land.

This would be a real modern CRUSADE. This is OUR Crusade.

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Anonymous said...

A quick comment on one item.
What an utterly inane report from a bunch of out of touch NHS muppets.
GP's receptionists are much more than call takers they are in many ways the human link between doctor and patients.
Call takers in centres are a voice on the end of a phone wherever that might be,and it is highly probable that they will have no medical experience at all.
As I understand it this will save the NHS the enormous sum of 600 million a year!!!.
Downside is how many thousands of receptionists out of work.
How many patients who can't handle talking to call centres will be put at risk.
Further more when this risk translates itself into loss of life what then?.
I can see the coroners and eventually courts having a whale of a time.
In my opinion any government of any party who goes down this track should really think of joining the lunatic element of this country that we all know exists in many forms.