Friday, 19 November 2010


Another quick blog I forgot to put on before.

PLEASE do not give to "Children in Need".

It is a scam and much of the money which is not used in administration is given to anti British people.
Our kids will benefit little.
Many of the so called deprived children helped are from large immigrant families who we already foolishly subsidise and who present a population timebomb which OUR children will have to compete with.

Remember the leader of the London bombers ran a club partially financed by this so called charity.

Also much of the money is spent abroad, when we as a nation are in debt. Foreign aid thieved
from our taxes has increased against our will.

By all means give to charity if you can afford to but remember "charity begins at home"

Give to the "Help for Heroes", "Salvation Army" "British Legion" or your.
local hospice instead of this brainwashing con.

Or give to the BNP and help us save our country.


poppy said...

how right you are most of this money given in good faith never ends up where it should.
one well known bbc presenter allegidly takes £80,000 out of the kitty also the countryfile calender costs £9 but only £4 is donated to C.I.N

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info,do you have a link to the club patially financed by this crowd?.
I sussed out many of these charities years ago and spent time on analysing their backgrounds.
Whilst I do give to charities I make sure as far as possible were my cash is going and what it will be used for and as you rightly point out how much on admin.
On immigration,I read in the newspaper today that the Mayor of some town near Dunkirk who are having problems with tented areas of immigrants appearing and disrupting things.
He points the finger at Britain and says these peoples are only intent on getting to Britain as they see it as eldorado as far as benefits go and he was asking for the British government to do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Check out the London Evening Standard fund for the "disposessed.
It purports to be about Londons poor, but is in fact a charity fiddle raising money for colonisers and asylum seekers.
Example -