Friday, 26 November 2010


last night we attended an excellent meeting in Salfort where the speaker was Marlene Guest from Rotherham.
She gave us an interesting talk on her work to expose council corruption and the successes she had had by her persistance. She pointed out that what goes on in one town will definitely be going on in all towns and encouraged us to use the law to expose the cheats who are supposed to be working for us.
She is a wonderful speaker and her talk although on a serious topic was funny and almost like a comedy routine.
That she was prepared to travel so far from her home town shows her dedication to her work.
I asked her if she would be prepared to talk to us in Wigan and she readily agreed, informing me that one set of her grandparents originated from Wigan.
Never mind the so called animosity between Lancashire and Yorkshire, Marlene showed us how much we have in common.

The poem below was composed by Marlene and it does as poems often do, put in a nutshell what has been and is being done to our country by the traitors and parasites of the "elite".

Keep writing your poems Marlene and carry on your good work.
We must try to emulate you if we are to survive as a people.

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