Sunday, 28 November 2010


The Dr Foster Hospital report has revealed that at least 19 Hospitals have a higher than average death rate.
With Foreign Doctors, Surgeons, Anesthetists, Nurses etc being overly represented in British Hospitals is it any surprise at the high death rate ?
Those who have been trained as Doctors, Surgeons, Anesthetists Nurses etc abroad, can we have any faith that these Doctors, Surgeons, Anesthetists, Nurses etc are up to the job of keeping those who are in Hospital alive ?
Could many of these deaths have been avoided ?
Are some or all of these deaths deliberate, with many of the higher echelons within the Health Service being predominantly not Indigenous British nor Christian?
How many foreign Doctors, Surgeons, Anesthetists, Nurses etc are purposefully neglecting their British patients or just not able to give the care and services that Britains NHS needs ?

Death rates at 19 NHS hospital trusts in England were alarmingly high last year, according to an influential report.

Two of these trusts - Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust - as well as two others also recorded a high number of deaths after surgery, the Dr Foster Hospital Guide found.

The measures are intended to act as a "smoke alarm" for where problems with care might exist.

Hospitals recorded 62,800 adverse medical events, with 30,500 patients developing avoidable blood clots, more than 13,000 mothers suffering obstetric tears during childbirth, nearly 10,000 accidental lacerations or puncture, about 6,000 patients with pressure sores, more than 2,000 post-operative haemorrhages and 1,300 cases of post-operative blood poisoning.

Trusts also reported 56 incidents of "wrong site" surgery and 150 "foreign objects" left inside patients after an operation.

Researchers said many trusts were not accurately recording incidents of harm to patients, making it harder to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Roger Taylor, director of research at Dr Foster said: "It is concerning that no hospital in the country can accurately assess the level of adverse events compared with the best achievable rates.

"Blood clots kill more people than superbugs every year - and yet the reporting of blood clots is just not always sufficient to identify and address the problem.

"Dr Foster is asking the Department of Health to review the way this information is recorded and we hope to revisit this topic next year and be able to identify trusts and their rates."

The risk of patients developing a blood clot is increased by most surgical and some medical treatments and conditions. But hospitals can take measures to reduce the risk.

You may also want to follow the following link which is a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request to the General Medical Council (GMC) in regards to ALL HEALTH PROFESSIONS who have been STRUCK OFF (removed) from the GMC Register in the last 5 years 2005-present.

Somethings going so wrong in our Hospitals that Patients are Dying needlessly.
Makes you wonder if it is Hospital Jihad and purposeful negligence in some sort of Racial/Religeous attacks within our Health Service aimed at Patients.
But you can bet your bottom dollar that these questions will not even arise in case of the real Racists screaming racism and discrimination.
The FOI speaks for itself.

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britbaz said...

What you say may be possibly true, but I am more concerned about what qualifications ( ie suspect medical degrees etc) and experience these medical staff have. Also most of them have language difficulties. My own doctor in Wigan, who is Indian,has been here for 20 years plus, and I still cant understand him and as a doctor he has prescribed the wrong medication for me on 2 occasions which resulted on me changing my doctor