Sunday, 10 October 2010


Wigan BNP were out again yesterday with our continuing Bring Our Boys Home Campaign. This was our second visit to Ashton within the last four weeks and as usual we have had a fantastic response from the people of Ashton.

I must mention and thank Rob for his poigniant reminder of those who have fallen in Afghanistan as he read aloud the names of every British Military casualty since our forces were sent into this unjustified and uneccessary war.

I must also thank Ken, Barry and Sandra, Michelle and Anita, whose sterling effort we could not do without.
Thanks guys for all the hard work and effort you have put in.
We have had such a great response and I hope I'm not out of order by saying that you have enjoyed helping in this campaign as much as I have and the response we have had from the people of Wigan and Ashton is reward in itself ?

And to the people of Wigan and Ashton who signed the petition, took a copy of Voice of Freedom and gave so generously in donations Wigan BNP say THANK YOU.

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Anonymous said...

CONme and my son signed, well done to the scots guy, who read the soldiers names out, shame on the ignorant plebs - who ignored the petition, too busy thinkin about there selfish selves.
"there but for the grace of god - go I" bnp talk the truth-keep on good newspaper too. thanks, Joe and LIAM.