Tuesday, 12 October 2010


The news that university fees are to be increased by several thousands of pounds per year illustrate short term and muddled thinking by the government and their hired "experts".
Yes the costs of university education are high and something needs to be done to reduce expenditure. However it is ironic that the people proposing these steep rises were themselves educated at the public expense.

The trouble with higher and university education is that too many students are taking worthless courses such as "Film Studies" "Golf Course Management" and "Media Studies" or "Drama" which are of dubious value either to the students or the country.

Also many subjects which previously did not need a degree such as nursing now require one, resulting not in better nursing but nurses being in their opinion too qualified to nurse patients, which surely is supposed to be their job.
Social science is another "soft" subject for a profession which needs above all else compassion and common sense, qualities which have been shown to be sadly lacking recently in Social Services.

Even the usual degree of senior politicians Politics, Philosophy and Economics is of dubious value, although cabinet ministers will not see it that way.
Politics is a matter of opinion as is philosophy while economics is far from being a science as shown by events in recent years, which were unforseen by the majority of these so called experts, in fact it is said that if you have 5 economists in a room you will have six opinions.
Therefore numbers taking this course should be drastically reduced.

Similarly there are too many students taking subjects such as History or English (Andy Burnham is an English graduate but the relevence of that subject to his former job as Health Minister is dubious).
Of course we need some who study these subjects but not so many and if entrance to these subjects is curtailed the increasing competition would ensure higher standards.

Packing universities with mediocre students studying subjects which, while possibly interesting to some are of little value in getting a job or the country as a whole is a betrayal of those students who, thinking these peripheral subjects are a passport to secuity only to find that the only certainty is a lifetime's debt. The stupidity of this was highlighted today by Lord Brown who said that up to 20% would either be unemployed or on a poor wage after qualification so the student debt would never be repaid.

In my opinion Science, Engineering, Medicine etc and apprenticeships should be subsidised as useful to the community and vital to our future. Also they are expensive courses.
Admittedly these qualifications are in high demand as is reflected by their salaries and there should be some pay back. However if having qualified with in excess of £30,000 debt and the compulsion to pay this back these graduates will be tempted to emigrate taking their expertise ,paid for by us to our competitors.
Instead people in these "useful" professions should get their education free and pay the costs back by working in this country for perhaps 10 years.
An example of the stupidity of the present system is in Medicine where many newly qualified doctors emigrate and have to be replaced by medics qualifying in such centres of excellence as Malawi and the Congo.

To summarise, the numbers taking "soft" subjects should be radically curtailed thus saving sufficient money to subsidise the students taking subjects the country needs.

Education it is said is an investment in the future but the investment should be in those subjects which will give the taxpayer a return and should be free.

By all means let people take other subjects of dubious national value but they should pay the costs themselves.


britbaz said...

I was an apprentice electrician with the NCB and was given great training at the Old Boston in Haydock and also paid to get technical qualifications at St Helens Tech. As a result Ihave worked all my life and paid my taxes, My countrt gave me something and I gratefully paid it back.

Andy said...

I too had a post school education like you BritBaz.

After having seen what one has to do to get a uni qualification at first hand. I have absolutely no idea what they are for! Nor understand why such a cost?

With a massive price hike will this be the end of foreign student within these shores? Somehow I very much doubt it.


The "economists"rothschilds hench men,knew very well what they were doing,by impoverishing us all,they remove the last vestige of our political power,and gain control of the finances of the world,they have bled the remaining gold trinkets from the idiot plebs,and thier partners in crime "big agri"can now dictate wether you will be allowed to eat ,not only thier chemical concoctions,but if you are "politically reliable "enough to be fed at all.Oh yes they certainly know what they are doing.

Lanky Patriot said...

Englishman I agree with you about the banks.
It is stated that if students pay back their loans early they will be penalised, a strange idea when money is supposed to be so short.

I think this is just a scam to get even more people in hock to the banks for longer thus making more profits for the City of London as was done by Thatcher when she sold the council houses.

Yes I knew people who had been educated at the Old Boston who knew far more than some of the university educated engineers.
Wigan Tech was another example of world wide class at a reasonable price until it was virtually destroyed as a centre of excellence
I believe hairdressing is one of the main subjects offered now.
Talk about dumbing down!