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I was only the other day wondering just what had ever happened to Rabar Hamad the Iraqi asylum seeker (sic) who was originally living and studying in Wigan and who had convincingly (to some) claimed to be only 14 years old - but, who was found to be actually 20 years of age and who was to be quite rightly deported back to his native Iraq! As he had absolutely no right whatsoever to be in this country, never mind in Wigan at a cost to the local taxpayers of £4,000 per week:
Some of Rabar's "the moon is made of green cheese" rabble outside Wigan Town Hall
(Has the young chappy on the end got Sideshow Bob shoe's on - or what?)

So, I was very suspicious to say the least that nothing had been reported in the media for some time on the case of man-boy Rabar after the totally inept authorities and Border Agency had issued an arrest warrant for Rabar after he'd slipped their net and fled into the wilderness of Fran McCaul's outside toilet.

Fran who? - You ask:

Fran McCaul is one those local and typically frustrated, hypocritical, apologetic middle class peace loving raging monsters and rabid left wing lunatics (a bit like a lighter skinned version of the racist Diane Abbot MP) who unfortunately like many others of her ilk have managed to infest our educational system and imprint their sickening Marxist agenda upon on our poor children. She's also at the helm here Wigan and Leigh United Against Racism - WALUAR ( I see "Kickout Wiganpatriot" is a friend of theirs who in turn is a buddy of the violence organiser 'commie' Stephen Hall).
Anyway, Just take a look at this gem below by Fran McCaul from a couple of years back on the issue of racism in Wigan & Leigh:

Student Driven Out by Racism


Fran McCaul from Wigan and Leigh United Against Racism said she was deeply saddened and disappointed by Mr Sanneh's experiences, but not entirely surprised.

She said: "Wigan has for so long been almost exclusively white, so a non-white face still stands out.

"Because they are unaccustomed to non-white people and see only the skin difference, some people have developed entrenched and totally unjustifiable prejudices.

"To some people racism is normalised. It hasn't been challenged for a long time because there have been few potential victims to vent it against. Now it has been in shocking and abhorrent incidents such as those experienced by Mr Sanneh.

"I am terribly sorry he has left Wigan with this impression of the place.

"We need to live in a more integrated society for this kind of prejudice to be driven out."

You may also want to check this other piece taken from a couple or so years back: - Man Labels Wigan Most Racist Place In Britain

Doesn't it just make you feel so, so damn guilty??

(I, digress) But, then it comes to light and I do find that Rabar has indeed been caught and arrested after absconding so, now he will most surely be deported back to Iraq and those that had aided and abetted the illegal immigrant must also face prosecution as the definite threat from the Border Agency suggested here? (Last paragraph.)

Well, not exactly - RABAR is still here and unfortunately at a further huge expense to the browbeaten taxpayers:

Campaign update: 13 September 2010 - great news! (sic)

Rabar Hamad and his supporters were overjoyed to have confirmation in court of what was obvious to everyone except Wigan Council: that he is a vulnerable child in need of support and protection.

"Rabar is nearly home. Soon we hope, folks, soon. Thank you for everyone’s support. The Refugee Council has played a key role in Rabar’s case, advocating for him. It has been a difficult road, and it isn’t over. As most of you know many other children in the system are wrongly detained and deported. The Refugee Council are doing everything they can to stop this."

You may keep up with the adventures of Rabar Hamad and his taking the piss tomfoolery here at his chums Facebook page.

They are a little coy about releasing too much information as this comment from their Facebook page creator Sally Hyman suggests:

Sally Hyman We fully understand that Rabar's supporters are concerned about his welfare and want to be kept informed. However, although your support has been vital and very much appreciated, we have been instructed by his legal team to not release anything.
He was released from detention on 27th August and his case has yet to be re...viewed. We are able to inform you that, although Rabar wants to return to Oldham, he has not been allowed to and is currently residing elsewhere.
As soon as we are able to inform you of any developments, we will do.

Dont Deport 16 Year Old Rabar Hamad on Facebook:


ellsport said...

This certainly is a massive wind up his boots shouldn't have touched the ground until he reached Baghdad, if they refer to him again as a child I will certainly burst a blood vessel. Well done for exposing this complete farce, you are killing me.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Excellent work Gary.

Shall we take a look at what's happening to Geert Wilders in Holland? Contrary to popular belief he has not yet been acquitted. The judges could still decide he's guilty as charged even though the prosecution has recommended that ALL charges be dropped. Logic doesn't seem to come into it. Will post about this in a few minutes.

According to a commenter on Klein Verzet, Amsterdam zoo has reported that several kangaroos are missing...

Lanky Patriot said...

I'm flattered that they have a facedbook section devoted to "Kick out Wigan Patriot". It shows they read our blogs. I never read theirs.

These people, by the title of their section show they are against the British people and by their comments immune to the dangers of islamic colonisation.
What makes them believe they speak for the average Wiganer? I can tell them they don't and many Wiganers with allegience to all parties are worried about this invasion.

The title alone speaks of desparation. Kick out Wigan Patriot?
No chance while I'm still alive.

Keep reading our blog you traitors to the hard working Wiganers. WE are not going away.

Silly Kuffar said...

Be Racist to White Indigenous British and count the SWP/UAF and the rest of the SCUM TRAITORS as friends.

I wonder why they never protested over the Murder of kids like Kriss Donald
Christopher Yates attack
Racist Attack on
Walter Chaimberlain 76
Unamed to fear of reprisals
Henry Webster
Joseph Haigh
Unnamed manchester victim

Now why the SWP/UAF/HNH etc not protest about these sorts of Racist Attacks ?
Because they were WHITE VICTIMS.

SWP/UAF in Wigan hate you because your WHITE.
They hate you because of the colour of your skin, now I find that RACIST.