Saturday, 2 October 2010


Venturing outside of the traditional and the usual (and yet equally brilliant) British Nationalism blogosphere - I've got to let you know that I've come across what looks to be an excellently presented and highly informative blog and one which I have enjoyed to visit since it's discovery earlier in the week.

This discovery of course coincides with the inception of 'our' very own superb, superior and ball busting all British National Party entrenched The British created by the fantastic Green Arrow and his many, many friends. Which of course must be in every blogger's "favourites" list!

But, when a blog such as the A Tangled Web are not afraid to publish current affairs as we see it they are surely worth a mention. David Vance the author of A Tangled Web is a member of and recent PPC candidate for Northern Ireland's TUV party..And I believe a friend of our Yorkshire MEP Andrew Brons. So, if he's a friend of Andrew's then surely he's a friend of ours?

I just love this post below and which incidentally was taken from the aforementioned blog, (Yes, I know I'd put it in the comments section on SKs earlier post, but.......) it's surely worthy of a front page slot here at the Leigh & Wigan Blog would you say?


"I had to laugh at this article inThe Times by Weyman Bennett who is Joint Secretary of the Unite Against Fascism organisation - dedicated to confronting the BNP and denying them the right to speech. Comrade Bennett does not do irony, evidently.

But if the Unite Against Fascism luvvies are genuine, then why are the not also denying Sinn Fein the right to speech? After all, compared to the republicans, the BNP are a genteel collection of elderly spinsters on a Sunday afternoon picnic. How many convicted murderers does the BNP have as elected members? How many convicted bombers? How many convicted cop-killers? How many convicted bank-robbers? Surely an organisation that has murdered, bombed and shot it's way to the offices of power qualifies as...fascist? Or might it be that the UAF is a deluded cabal of left wing student types unable to look in the mirror when it comes to identifying the real threats to our society."

Additionally, it looks like David Vance has written an intriguing book as below:


"You do not defeat terrorism by rewarding terrorists, regardless of how many bleeding heart liberals argue otherwise. Want to know where that flawed approach leads to? Read UNIONISM DECAYED 1997-2007 - It's my first book and it explains what happens when you seeek to appease terrorists and call it peace. It's available right now for ATW readers so make sure you get your copy by emailing the editor! This is the book that dissents from the herd mentality that doing wrong can lead to being right. It doesn't and this book spells out WHY."

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