Monday, 4 October 2010

Saturdays Support Our Troops

Wigan BNP were out again on Saturday in the Town Centre with our Support our Troops campaign.
We had an excellent day with quite a few signatures collected and Voice of Freedom handed out.
Thanks go to Sandra and Barry and Anita for the help they gave.

Whilst we were there a young lad of about 10 or 11 came up and asked if he could sign the petition, as he was a youngster we thought it best that he didn't.
The young lad then told us that his older brother had been a soldier and had been killed in Afghanistan, the poor lad then broke down in tears as he walked away.

We were a bit dumbfounded at this and didn't quite know what do as he walked away with his friends, tears running down his cheeks.
Anita grabbed a bundle of stuff and ran after him to give him to take home for his parents to read and hopefully they will be able to see that we are on their side, and the only political party who wants and end to this wasteful slaughter of our troops is the BNP.

The message we send to the Troops and thier families is they are not alone, we in the BNP will stand proud with them and their loved ones and to try and bring an end to this wasteful unwanted war and our troops safely home from Afghan



Anonymous said...

well done Barry and Sandra and the rest of the team but we in St helens are steaming away XX tex

phoenix said...

Silly kuffar :- What were you told about NOT using a picture with
the STARBUCKS cafe as a backdrop...
You'll have the manager having a hissy fit.... Well done sir.....

Silly Kuffar said...

I hope he finds us so he can upset again next time we see him.
I bet he was gutted when the old bill told him their was nothing they could do. =)


It is encouraging that you are now supporting our troops,unfortunately as far as the ARRSE forum is concerned,they do not support you,one of thier favourite phrases being "tin foil hats"and it seems that it is so un-pc to dissparrage muslims whilst killing them,or conquering your own country.

Anonymous said...

Well done BNP and Wigan Branch.
My Wife and three daughters all
signed your Petition, to bring the Troops Home from this ILLIGAL war.No one at work realised the BNP opposed the war, the bias BBC and media has certainly kept this quiet. Well done again, five new voters from the O'Neils family.

Anonymous said...

That man in the pinny having the " hissy fit " what a joke !
Trying to stop decent Wigan people signing a Petition to return our Troops, from an Illigal war.
If I remember correctly, Starbucks, were the outfit that refused to send their coffee to
the US Marines, citeing " They did not condone or support the War ".
or similar.Seems the Wigan manager needs a bit of bringing up to speed on his company.

Silly Kuffar said...

As long as he can sell coffee ho doesn't mind our troops being attacked. What sort of person complains about supporting our troops ?


Lanky Patriot said...

Starbuck's coffee? Overpriced crap,a symbol of the rapid globalisation that is destroying our world.

In desperation I had one once, or tried to. Never again, it was undrinkable.

Anonymous said...

My daughters signed for the bring our troops home, how does BNP stand on the cruel halal murder of animals, my girls, they want to ask what BNp think of this cruelness - will they stop it ?RSpsa do not seem bothered.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Anonymous....the BNP are totally opposed to the cruel ritual of Halal slaughter and indeed the Kosher slaughter. Not only do we see this cruel ritual as barbaric but, it just highlights the further traumatic Islamification of this poor nation.
I put a short film on this blog about Halal slaughter...a number of weeks ago under the heading "Halal Meat in Wigan Schools..." You can search for this in the archive post or post your question in our 'blog search engine'.
I'm currently organising a protest against Halal Slaughter in Wigan and the supply of this meat to the schools throughout the Borough.(Details to follow...but, I'm hoping to arrange it when one of our MP's are in the Borough - so if anyone knows when they'll be in town can they let me know please?)
I'm also awaiting a response from the "Freedom of Information Act 2000" at Wigan Council on just how many schools have been supplied with Halal meat without their parents permission/consent or if indeed it had been discussed beforehand.
I will also like to encourage everyone to write a letter to their MP and MEP's to highlight their disgust.