Friday, 10 September 2010


The economic hurricane which is beginning to hit our country is directly as a result of globalisation and the greed of the banks.
Although many in our party discuss and argue over topics such as "Ethnonationalism" versus "Civic Nationalism" these problems are a direct result of the greed of the money men in the City of London. These parasites made fortunes selling off our family silver, distorting the economy by fiscal measures which in making the cost of living here too expensive for us to compete internationally and our own workers unable to compete with migrants who were encouraged to come here to further the profits of the unpatriotic greedy undeserving rich, owing to the high taxes we were obliged to pay.

Thus our manufacturing industry is a shadow of its former self and our education system turns out millions of young people, hardly literate but with a clutch of valueless "degrees" and large debts. Therefore even more jobs are given to people not of these isles.
We are an increasingly overcrowded de industrialised island and our only national resource coal has been declared off limits on account of "Global Warming" a prohibition which is not observed by other countries such as China and India.
So the only resource we have is our people.

And now the brown stuff is hitting the fan.
What to do?
We obviously have to cut back on expenditure and in doing this can further our other aims without incurring the unjust "racism" taunts.
The way forward in my opinion is "Economic Nationalism". This is practiced in many countries such as China, India, South Korea Japan etc.
We should run our economy in a way which benefits our country.
BRING OUR TROOPS HOME we can not afford to have them fighting foreign wars.
STOP FOREIGN AID, we are in debt and can not afford it.
EXIT THE EU, we can not afford the payments to that organisation.
NO MORE IMMIGRATION, we are overcrowded and there is no room.We have not enough jobs for our own people.
DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, we can not afford to keep them.
ONLY HOUSE BRITISH PEOPLE, we have not enough houses for our own.
SETTLED IMMIGRANTS MUST INTEGRATE FULLY, we can not afford special concessions regarding housing or religion.
BAN FOREIGNERS FROM OWNING LAND. In theory a rich Arab could buy all British agricultural land and thus own our country. Other countries don't allow foreigners to own land in their countries.
STRICTER FOREIGN EXCHANGE CONTROLS. £Billions is sucked out of the country by people sending money back to their countries of origin and bankers taking their ill gotten gains to tax havens with a detrimental effect on our balance of payments.
INSIST ON ANY BRITISH COMPANY BEING MAJORITY BRITISH OWNED. France Germany China do not allow their top companies to be foreign owned.
INSIST THAT ANY ONE MAKING MONEY HERE PAYS TAXES HERE, in other words hit tax havens. These wealthy people use our facilities, roads and utilities while here so they should pay for that use.
Some people say that it would restrict the City of London but that organisation has made its money off our backs by selling national assets. We would be no worse off without them.
IMPROVE OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM with free courses for engineering and science etc and turn the so called "Acadamies" into technical colleges where our young could learn a trade which would fit them up for life and rejuvenate our manufacturing base.
REDUCE BUSINESS TAXES AND NATIONAL INSURANCE ON MANUFACTURING, which are in effect taxes on goods and therefore exports and jobs.

With the money saved by the first measures we could afford to do these things and make us more competitive, create jobs and make our country more self sufficient and less reliant on other countries.

Of course the multinational controlled financers would scream and the process suggested would take time and need fine tuning---BUT

IT WOULD BE A VOTE WINNER, without mentioning ethnicity. People may be a bit concerned by the changing composition of our society but will do nothing about it until it is too late.
AND those settled ethnic minorities who wished to work WITH US would stay while those who wish to screw us would leave.

I believe in these economically troubled times this is the way to increase our influence and image and we can halt and reverse the colonisation of our land without mentioning "race".

What do you think? There are no doubt other measures which would be of benefit and I would welcome suggestions.

Pull these arguments to pieces and we can have a debate.


Anonymous said...

100% agree .restore fishing ,invest in our manufacturing industry and farms, create new inventions produced in britain

Silly Kuffar said...

An Import Tax on all imported non-essential goods, Government subsidies for any new manufacturing investment. A ban on foreign companies owning any of our utilities.
Gas, Electricity, Water, Food production etc.
A return of the apprentice schemes, we train our own instead of throwing them on the scrap heap. A Foreign workers tax, make it more difficult to recruit from abroad, work permits to last for a maximum two years.
(Unless these skills are not available here, in which case we then use the foreign workers to cover the skills gap until we train our own).