Saturday, 11 September 2010



A SPECIAL adviser to the King of Abu Dhabi says he has “great faith” in the UK’s first official sharia law court in Nuneaton.

During a one-day tour of Birmingham, Sheikh Syed Ali Al Hashmi spoke about mutual benefits of the Muslim Arbitration Tribunal, which has used sharia law to settle hundreds of civil disputes across the country since it began in 2007.

The tribunal, which operates in tandem with the British legal system, was set up by a group of lawyers at Hijaz College Islamic University, in Watling Street, Nuneaton.

Cases being heard in Nuneaton include forced marriages, family, charitable, and inheritance disputes.

Once parties agree to settle a dispute, they are bound in English law to abide by the court’s decision which is upheld by a county court bailiff or high court sheriff.

Mr Hashmi had been invited to the UK by Noor Siddiqi, director of solicitors firm Artis Legal, in Birmingham, to strengthen ties between the West Midlands and Abu Dhabi.


It comes to something when Foreign rulers have more of a say in what happens in Britain today than our own useless scrounging Queen does.


Lomra Greener said...

this is the thin end of the wedge. before long, we will be expected to conform to this archaic system out of 'harmony and co-operation'. If I go to a moslem country, I expect to abide by their laws and customs. In fact, I have lived and worked in a moslem country, and I DID have to abide by their laws and customs - or else!

Why should we tolerate this sort of activity?, surely if we have to use our legal system, then those coming here should have to.

Anonymous said...

they have more to say than we have and we built this land over the last 6000 or more years,TREASON at the highest level