Tuesday, 14 September 2010


About 30 years ago I was in a relationship with a nurse who although not qualified was good at her job and was very capable of gaining nursing qualifications. The reason she did not do so was because on qualifying many nurses were not being offered jobs and she feared that she would become unemployed if she did gain a qualification. Many nurses were not employed on qualifying.
Since then of course the NHS has scoured the world for nurses, often poorly trained and with little knowledge of English and Western hygene.
The results have been evident for all to see in the increased hospital infections owing to inadequate cleaning and barrier precautions.

I read in the paper today that over a thousand newly qualified British doctors are surplus to requirements but at the same time they are recruiting doctors from the third world, who have little knowledge of British culture or language. They are expected to communicate and empathise with often elderly patients who have been fortunate enough to escape the modern vibrant and diverse society until now when they are vulnerable and can do little about it.
Many of these foreign doctors have obtained their qualifications at such centres of excellence as are found in the Congo, Malawi or some such place.
Meanwhile doctors trained here at great expense to the taxpayer leave medical schools with massive debts and find themselves , highly trained professionals unemployed in their own country . They are then forced to take their skills abroad and are lost to our society which trained them.

Is it any wonder that medical mishaps are so frequent? Ias it any wonder that patients say they can not communicate with their GPs.
I am not saying that all foreign doctors are inefficient or dangerous, some are excellent,but many are not and a liabiliy to the NHS.

Now it is often said that the NHS would collapse without foreign doctors. Yes it would because British doctors and nurses have failed to gain employment here. If we kept our own well trained people here we would not be dependent on what the third world has to offer.

But why is this happening or allowed to happen? I am beginning to think there is an ulterior motive at work here. What possible reason could there be for encouraging our best to leave while having them replaced by the mediocre from all over the world.?
It is certainly not to improve the working of the National health SERVICE.

I believe it is part of a plan to so disrupt our country that we British people are so dependent on foreigners even in the sphere of so vital provision as our health that we will be as powerless as the Orwellian pawns in the New World Order our political elites seek.

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