Wednesday, 15 September 2010


This ugly looking bastard is one of a gang of Middle Eastern people who have taken residence in our town only to abuse the foolishly granted government and council hospitality by preying on our young girls. This piece of scum is part of the "vibrant and enriched"
society we have allowed to infect our land.
They sought to obtain "young virgins" and to trade them for up to £150,000 to wealthy Arabs so they could "break them in".
So our kids have to be used because of muslim obsession with virginity? Virginity is not the big deal for us as it is in the fly blown countries of the middle East but paedophilia is.
We think it abuse and a crime which is completely beyond the pale.

All concerned, the buyers and sellers in this vile trade belong to the "religion of peace". Yes I suppose it seems OK for them to abuse our children in this paedophilic way as their prophet
whose every word they follow would have been considered a paedophile in England.

This case is just the tip of the iceberg, and was only uncovered by the vigilance of hotel staff.
How many thousands of vulnerable girls are sacrficed to this vile product of "enrichment" without anybody knowing?

Why are these perverts so obsessed with sex. They blanket their women in black shrouds so that others can not see them. Some of these women MAY even be good looking but even if they were, normal red blooded males in a civilised country exercise restraint. Possibly however many are as ugly as their bearded bosses(husbands)
They deem our women as prostitutes if they show a bit of leg let alone anything else.

It could be said that these girls should not have been let out so young by their parents ,but their parents were brought up in a society when such outrages were unheard of.
My daughters went out as teenagers and although I sometimes worried about them I never feared they would be forced into prostitution.
Following enrichment these occurrences are becoming all too common. The irony of it is that 2 years ago 13 members were arrested by a PC policeman who wished to gain some Brownie points for stating the facts, and were only cleared when we threatened a mass protest, For their wrongful arrest they were awarded £thousands in compensation and left him with egg on his face covering his brown nose.
The policeman in this latest case remarked that it was not only foreign girls who have been trafficked but British girls were also used thus.
That is what we have been telling you for years and what our members were arrested for. And you have only just found out? Jesus you must be thick.

So what do we tell our young girls?,The old advice beware of strangers and the stranger they are the more care should be taken.

Yes we have some bad uns in Wigan but my advice is the less like a Wiganer he sounds like the less you should trust him and if he does not speak English with a pure English (or Welsh etc)accent don't trust him at all.

When they are older they can be more discerning and less liable to be used but in their early teens they should only mix with those of their own kind.

And to think this took place in Wigan, one of the least "enriched" towns in the country.
What is going on in other towns and citied does not bear thinking about.

Thanks a lot New Labour and the Tories for encouraging this cesspit of depravity in the country our ancestors worked and died to create.

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Silly Kuffar said...

I have a theory about the Burqa.
The women who hide themselves under black blankets are completely non-sexual, they cannot receive pleasure from making love and feel more of a soulless being due to their mutilation at birth.
These women are nothing more than a machine to pump out children.
In their own countries Mohammedan males prefer sex with young boys as the female of the species has become sexless and unattractive.
So over here they can go for little boys and girls whilst their sexless wives are at home awaiting the arrival of another Mohammedan child.