Saturday, 18 September 2010


Why does the BBC so frequently interview the odious antipodean paedophile advocate Peter Tatchell and ask his views on the Pope's visit? What an ugly bastard he is.
Tatchell was interviewed today giving his opinions on the sexual molestation of children by Catholic priests. Yes I agree with Tatchell it was terrible but does he not realise that the vast majority of these offences were commited by homosexual priests on young boys, the kind of activity he believes these young boys enjoy? These degenerate priests who have brought shame on the Church are people like him.
He complains over the teaching in the Catholic Church that homosexuality is wrong. Yes if the pervert priests had observed their faith the scandal would have not occurred.
He then goes on to complain of inequality in the Catholic Church and its treatment of women by preventing them becoming priests.However it is strange in the circumstances that few Catholic women complain about this so called discrimination.

I note the absence of any complaints by this pervert to the clerics of the muslim religion. After all there is not much equality in their religion which advocates the stoning of women for adultery even if they are raped, shrouding them in black and making them walk behind their masters(husbands) and in many cases forbidding education for them.
One sanction they advocate in Tatchell's case is that of throwing homosexuals off cliffs, I could go along with that in his case, not because of his homosexuality but just because of his obnoxious nature. Many decent people are "gay" but he is not one of them so why is he given so much air time?
I believe it is part of the media's scheme to undermine our society and its base in family life and promote the licentiousness that is destroying our country, (and no I am no prude but you have to have some standards and I've never frequented your stomping grounds)
Instead of attacking the Pope for the alleged inequality of the Catholic Church why does he not try his luck in Iran or another such tolerant country and see how far he gets?.

For me the best thing would be for him to bugger off to Australia or New Zealand where he came from.
The first part of my suggestion he might enjoy but the second would not be as good for him as I am sure the people of his native land detest him as much as the majority in this country apart from the BBC do.

So sod off back home Tatchell. I don't want to see your ugly mug on the television I am compelled to pay a licence for nor do I and decent British people wish to hear your vile views.

Seeing you spoiled my breakfast.


Silly Kuffar said...

Hear, Hear LP.
Tatchell and all the other deviants and far left feminstas are glaringly silent on the way Islam treats Homosexuals and their women.

Tatchell should go to Mecca and spout his poison their and see how far that gets him.

It'll get him as far as the nearest cliff top.


All of these pinko queers seem oblivious to the ambiguity of what they profess,summed up by tatchell(just call me ringer)who at the "free speech"rally in trafalgar square declared "i believe in free speech,BUT"now if free speech has to be qualified it is not free speech,but these creatures are so far up thier own arseholes and everyone elses that thier eyes have atrophied along with any intelligence they might have possessed to begin with.

Owd Sod said...

Seeing that mr/mrs/ms tatchell accuses all non deviants as 'homophobic', could and his kind be classified as 'heterophobic'?

If they want to take part in their abhorrent practices, then fine; just do not expect everyone else to join in.