Saturday, 18 September 2010


Todays Daily Telegraph has an article on the education of our Childrens teachers.
As we know, our Childrens Education is absolutely appalling with many leaving school being unable to Read, Write or do the simplest Arithmatic.

"More than one-in-10 of those on postgraduate secondary school courses last year had a third-class degree or worse, it was disclosed.

More than a quarter of students training to teach physics in secondary schools failed to get at least a 2:2 from a British university, it was disclosed. The proportion reached 21 per cent among those training to teach maths, 16.6 per cent in chemistry and 15.3 per cent in information technology."

Our Children have had their Education ruined by the Marxist NUT, who, instead of teaching our Children how to Read, Write and do Arithmatic have instead been indoctrinating our Children into mini Marxist, similar to the way the Cultural Revolution in China turned out Moaists who could recite every word of the Little Red Book backwards.

"In all, some 10.6 per cent of British secondary school trainees – 1,744 – failed to get a 2:2 degree. A further 1,519 foreign students were enrolled onto courses after gaining degrees from overseas.

Together, it meant 18.1 per cent – or 3,263 – failed to gain an acceptable degree from a British university."

A substandard University Education creates substandard teachers, teachers only able to follow the Indoctrination which New Labour have put in place in our Schools.

Our Universities would prefer to teach Immigrant students whilst our home grown students are now unable to find valuable places in the best universities due to not having the required A levels, and are therfore forced to accept a lower university and a course on How to spot Aliens through the using the form of Ballet as a medium or some other non-Degree course.

But the fault of that lies with the Education system and the new crop of Teachers who were educated under New Labour.

"The report analysed almost 37,000 students taking teacher training courses in 2008/9.

It found that trainees were better qualified than previous years. Some 60 per cent of primary school trainees and 55 per cent on secondary school courses had a 2:1 degree or better.

But the study said this was consistent with trends of “grade inflation” in universities in recent years – not necessarily a sign of higher standards."

"In a further disclosure, the study suggested that millions of pounds was still being wasted training teachers who failed to make it into the classroom.

Just 70.7 per cent were in teaching six months after courses finished. Some 16.7 per cent had not taken up a teaching post and 12.6 per cent failed the course.

The disclosure is made despite the fact that each student receives between £4,000 and £9,000 in taxpayers’ money to train."

We now have Teachers promoting 'Black History Month' and their grasp of History is so poor that they are teaching through their own indoctrination that Britain has always had a Black and Asian community for the last 500 years.

I know when I studied British History (Mid Victorian Britain at the OU) there was no mention of an Immigrant population, all the Art, films and photos of Work Houses, Miners, Cotton Mills etc would show only the Indigenous White population. Where were all these Immigrants who they claim had been here for the last 500 years in the Films and Photos of the time ?

Conspicuous by their absence. We need to reform our Education system root and branch and root out the NUT Marxists who would brain wash our Children, and the below standard teachers who do not question the Marxist agenda but are busy indoctrinating our Children to accept the Multi Cult whilst being victimised for being WHITE.


Anonymous said...

absolutely spot on!!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

To get a Third you only need to get about 30%-40%.

I have a 2.1 (60%-70%).

Sir Henry Morgan said...

That was in the 1980s, and a 19th century university i.e. - a good one.

Owd Sod said...

Having met members of the teaching profession who cannot write properly, spell correctly, use English grammar, do simple arithmetic or know the most basic science subjects; I can only say that I am not surprised at the standard(s) achieved by school leavers.

Anonymous said...

Owd Sod,

Well said !!