Tuesday, 31 August 2010


"Last week, it emerged that he had acquired his ninth property, which will be used by his daughter Kathryn and it was reported yesterday that he was seeking a Caribbean retirement home.

He is thought to have earned (STOLE ?) tens of millions of pounds advising banks and wealthy investment funds since leaving office in 2007."

And look at the state of the Banks.

His advisors are also a bit worried about his future book signing in London, due to the huge drop in Blair popularity in this country and the amount of people who want to LYNCH HIM and /or arrest him for WAR CRIMES.

I wonder why ?

Tony THE WAR CRIMINAL Blair has fucked this country up so much that he's too afraid to spend his old age in the country he ruined.
Not content with forcing MULTICULT on the Indigenous population, Blair has decided that he and his EVIL MOUTH, I mean WIFE have decided that they will buy a Retirement home in the Caribbean.
What's up Tony too scared to live in the country which you have turned into a Third world CRIME country ?
Or maybe you know the trouble coming to this country from Irish Republicans, Islam and the Civil war which you and NEW LABOUR will be held responsible for.
Or are you afraid to live in a Country which has a BRITISH NATIONAL GOVERNMENT and who would impose the DEATH PENALTY FOR TREASON which would see you and the rest of the New Labour TRAITORS hanging from the lamposts of Westminister ?

Whichever way were happy to see the back of the TRAITOROUS GAYBOY BLAIR.

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Anonymous said...

Blair can run and keep running but he cannot hide .we will find him and bring him, and is cronies back to stand trial!