Monday, 30 August 2010


The news that thousands of council houses have been allocated to foreigners confirm what we have known all the time in spite of the denials of the governments and their subterfuges in putting these undeserving recipients into different categories to deny their presence.
These houses were built for our people, not for the rest of the world. THEY ARE OURS and should ONLY house Brits.
When every British family has a decent home we could think about it but that time is far in the future.

It is an illustration of the contempt in which the ruling elite hold the British people and voters.
Foreign aid ring fencing, the EU and illegal wars are other instances which do not have the support of our people.
That there is no difference is shown by the fact that the Limp Dems joined the Tories in a coalition rather than Labour only because of a mathmatical calculation. If Labour had gained another 10 seats we would have had a Lib lab coalition.
So much for the difference between the parties.

In a REAL democracy the elected majority party reflects the views and wants of the people who elected them.
We, who vote for these parties should have our views reflected in their policies, but that is not the case neither has it been the case for many years now.
Why is that?

Well you only have to look at those who have the most clout in the establishment parties.
In the last two days we have had instances of two wealthy donors to Tory coffers, both non dom non taxpayers and whose wealth has been made at the expense of our country rather than contributing to its prosperity.

Hedge fund boss Jon Wood, a resident of Monaco and a hedge fund boss (that's a useful job) gave £500,000 to the Tories after getting on the electoral roll two weeks before making his donation.

Today we learn that an American hedge fund billionaire Louis Bacon gave the Tories £250,000.
No doubt his lawyers will be able to show that this is all above board but then it's surprising what money can do.

And then we have the £55,000 fromAbdul Majid Jafar who is "usually" resident in the United Arab Emirates.

We have not even got to the other donors of dubious provenance, there are many more, nor the equally dubious foreign supporters of Labour.

Why should this matter?
Because these businessmen have not got where they are (to quote Reggie Perrin) by giving money expecting no return.

They expect and will get lax tax regimes for tax exiles, free movement of capital people and assets and an effectual rape of our people and culture by infusing our political elite with the fruits of their ill gotten gains.
If our country is destroyed it does not bother them, they will have their money, but the people who foolishly voted this shower in have no money and thus no say.

We are as a country being taken over by foreign millionaires with no interest in us apart from using us as a milch cow to suck dry.

Hitler tried to invade us by force and was beaten with many Germans slain in the attempt.
If he had been cleverer he could have used the methods used by these non doms and BOUGHT the elite rather than fought us, and we would now be speaking German.

An equivalent danger or worse faces us now. Nazism was a horror but so is islam with its beheadings and stonings, and the danger of our succumbing to it now is greater than it was in 1940 to Hitler, and it will be done secretly by the power of money and fertility, and unfortunately our present leaders are actively complicit in this treachery.

Perhaps the Electoral Commission should concentrate their efforts in tracing these £millions of donations to the other parties from dubious foreign sources rather than challenging our measly £1.6 million given by the ordinary BRITISH taxpaying people to our party in an effort to save our country from these crooks.

But then who controls the contollers?


Anonymous said...

Our government (past and present) remind me of banks. Always trying to entice new 'customers' while trying to fleece those already on the 'books'.

As for the donations, the corruptibles would take money of Satan so long as they get to choose which souls go.

I think we're heading to a Brave New World (A Huxley) scenario, and judging by history, we won't become the epsilons.


I think that you will find that the Germans did win,thier victory is apparent,in every facet of our lives,the fourth reich is now ruling.I agree with the basis of your article,but what about dear old sunny hundal,who ripped us off once and is now back for another go,money makes many inconvienient things dissappear,like fraud and embesslement,and he only awaited the return of the tories to creep quietly back in.