Sunday, 8 August 2010


I read that the corrupt ex Inspector Ali Dizaie had been attacked in jail. Poor man.
He was physically attacked and faeces smeared over family photographs. Oh, and OF COURSE RACIALLY ABUSED.
This crook who came to our country and was overpromoted in spite of his dubious ability by his incessant use of the "race card". He even tried to sue when he was not promoted even higher using this method.
Prominent in the Black Police Association he failed to see the irony in that. Firstly that association by definition is racist as it discriminates on ethnic grounds. Secondly, he is not black. He is little darker than I am but I like to think I have a better looking face than his ugly mug and a less arrogant smirk than he formerly had.
Hopefully the latter characteristic has been somewhat removed now by his time in jail.

For some reason he is an inmate of Leyhill open prison near Bristol. Now I know something about that institution having visited a relative there many years ago.
I was amazed by the conditions there.
Imagine an upmarket holiday camp in lush parkland and you get some idea of it. It was better than that and the prisoners seemed to be the bosses of the warders.

Why was this overpromoted arrogant thug, a friend of Iran's president (can't spell his name) ever put in so cosy an environment. The establishment there is hardly punishment and I'm sure far superior in comfort to those of his beloved Iran.

He should be in a proper jail if there are any to pay for his abuse of our society.

Also if being "racially abused" bothers him so much why does he not go back to his own country? If he remains here it must be because in spite of the abuse he has to suffer is of a lesser nature than the problems he would face in Iran under the care of his friend, the president.

Perhaps he would have been stoned for his adulterous behaviour or had his hand cut off for theft.

Now that WOULD be abuse, but under Sharia Law, just. Perhaps Sharia Law should be introduced for muslims in Britain so that they feel at home and welcome.

This thought applies to all those who moan and sue for "racist" abuse. If it is so bad here there is nothing stopping them going back to their own environment where they will not be so abused.
I was abused once in France and came back home vowing never to go there again and to remain amongst my own people who do not abuse me. Yes I know I am liable to be abused by immigrants as many are but their opinions do not bother me as I AM WITH MY OWN as he should be.

P S I read today that Wigan and Leigh have the fifth lowest percentage of immigrant births in the country. We are in a way insulated from the disaster that is befalling other towns and only see it when we venture outside the borough.
Long may we be able to resist Wigan Metro's efforts to make us more diverse and "vibrant"
We are happy as we are.



Lomra Greener said...

The pratt should just fester in the mess of his own making. This excuse for a senior police officer has been a pain in the posterior ever since he was promoted on the 'racist' card. Wake up and realise what is going on. Sooner or later (probably sooner)the indigenous white population will be in the minority, and I hat to think what will happen then.

Rijker said...

What he should have got -


Andy said...

They should DNA those Faeces. If its his then he should have the full weight of the law thrown at him. Why would anyone risk life in a cosy hotel over that worthless piece of.

We export our jobs therefore we should export our rubbish for recycling too.

These people had open borders:

Silly Kuffar said...

@Chris Hill
Only if you believe and support those who are Butlers side such as the UAF.
Now WHY would the UAF support Eddie Butler becoming the Chairman of the BNP ?

Nick Griffin is removing the FIFTH COLOUMN within the BNP.


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Chris, not too sure which author let your post on here? But, although I encourage free debate..I find you quite loathsome....I thought you were a "balanced immigration" lunatic at UKIP now?

I will let your post stand for a little while longer, and ensure the readers are aware that you are nothing more than a bleeding agitator of the highest calibre that I have had the very misfortune
to meet.

By joining UKIP you have lost all credibility (if you ever had any in the first instance) of being a so-called nationalist as you so like to bemoan the BNP over half-o-shandy with your leftist pals in Lancaster!

"Pon callin kettul Black"

Anonymous said...

Dear Lancashire Nationalist (18:53 hrs),

You said:
"..I find you quite loathsome...."

I say:
OK justify your opinion of me.

From Chris Hill

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Chris, I actually find it very hard to be as harsh as I have and it's not usually my nature...but somehow you take the damn biscuit! We met a few times especially around the time of the last BNP political coup which you tried very much to influence in favour of Graham et al in Wigan ... and I found you a trifle autocratic, arrogant, bombastic and a little supercilious then. So, it's of no surprise that you've reared your ugly head on here once again when you thought you'd been given a chance to put one over Chairman Griffin!

Unfortunately, it' backfired once again Mr Hill!

God loves a trier though!

Silly Kuffar said...

@Chris Hill - Your an EEDJIT.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


there is no moral requirement for any person to justify his opinions of another person. Opinions just ARE.

Silly Kuffar said...

I have put comment moderation on to stop Chris Hill shit stirring.
Why the hell does he ven bother to come on here he supports UKIP now.
Go to UKIP Chris and vent your spleen their please.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist could you check that I have set up Comment Moderation correctly please ?