Sunday, 8 August 2010


I see a soldier has been refused service in a Co op in Croydon on account of his being in uniform.
Now all the people I know would give a squaddie preferential treatment rather than penalise him. Our soldiers represent the "best of British" and even when fighting in illegal wars are OUR lads and are always on OUR side.

I know what a wonderful diverse and vibrant place Croydon is but I would hazard a guess that the checkout person who refused to serve the soldier was not what you might think of as an English person. If they were they are a disgrace to our people and should be punished for it.
The Co Op says that it was a mistake and that in the past policemen in uniform have not been served.
What do they mean, a mistake? How can you make such a "mistake" They could see his face (unlike some others who undoubtably patronise that shop) so what is the problem?
I bet they would have been glad if a cop in uniform was in their shop when a robbery took place.
The Co Op is too politically correct with all their "ethical" principles while endorsing the party of the war criminal Tony Blair.

In recent years they have become more competitive and our local shop is good in contrast to the situation in the past when there was nothing worth buying in their premises. But they still can not escape their outdated principles and so they make excuses for their insult to one of our brave lads.
I had an ex squaddie who asked me for assistance and in appreciation for the danger he had put himself fighting "for Queen and country" I have andeavoured to help him as much as I can.

Now what about those who are against "our Queen and country"?
I would give them NOTHING but then I would be done for "racism".
If that situation were ever to occur that is what I would do whatever the cost.
You are either 100% for us or I do not want you and will not deal with you.

This is MY land and I appreciate those who put their lives in danger on our behalf. Those who do not back them or treat them with civility should be punished, if foreign deported and if so called British ostracised by decent people.

The person who refused this man SHOULD BE SACKED .


Midlands Nationalist said...

This is an absolute disgrace! I for one shall not purchase anything from the Co-op ever again.

Lomra Greener said...

What would have happened if a moslem woman wearing the 'full monty' veil, etc., asked for service? The staff would have fallen over themselves to be polite and obliging. I would have thought more of the other customers if they had but down their baskets and abandoned their trolleys and left the store in disgust, making sure that the manager knew why. I suggest that MOD stops buying any supplies from the co-op organisation in future.

Anonymous said...

When will People wake up,
and stop being so timid.
Stand and be counted, otherwise,
all is lost, for our Children Culture and Land.
Muslims have to much shout, end of,
and the way they breed, God help us.
Thank God we have Nick and the BNP,
we must stand and unite against the invasion of Islam.