Wednesday, 4 August 2010

"Our Society Isn't Civilised.........Kill them!...Execute them!......Get them out of the way"

Well worth a listen to this phone-in debate on Radio 5 LIVE this morning regarding the protection or not of child killers and rapists in our prison after the death of one such serial child rapist at the hands of another convict - listen Nicky Campbell squirm.

The first chap to call in at 07:07 - I think gets it just about right for me! How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Good link Gary,

Why does the minority have more shout, than the majority, these people are not worthy of any say.

How can any defend these vile person ? Except the Legal Aid cretin, greedy Solicitors.

End of.

Try doing these crimes in Iran,
they hang the filth, we should too.