Wednesday, 4 August 2010


In the papers in recent days much has been made of the fact that meat and milk from cloned cattle has entered the food chain.
However the cattle have been all traced because of the passport system put in place by DEFRA following the BSE episode. Thus every animal can be traced wherever it goes.
Now eating cloned food is not dangerous. Potatoes and bananas are clones as are all plants grown from cuttings.
The danger comes when the cloned animals breed and become dominant in the national herd. Then any genetic weaknesses become widespread and can cause epidemics owing to an unforseen weakness.
Now contrast this with the passport system for people. Many of the new arrivals look like clones, all with beards, many with funny clothes and mostly ugly faces. The women in many cases are clones in appearance as they resemble black crows beneath their horrible "liberating" garb.

The danger is not the appearance of these passportless clones. The danger is that the muslim component carries a brain disease. The virus of islam, far more dangerous to our country than any cattle clones which may gain entry.
There is great concern about these cloned cattle but the muslim clones are multiplying and will if not stopped infect the whole of society by numerical domination.

The authorities should pay more heed to this greater danger and do as DEFRA does and seek to reduce this danger by strict passport controls and limitation of the numbers entering our country.
If they don't it will make the supposed danger of BSE look like a picnic.

BSE never posed a danger to the existance of our country, nor do cloned cattle but the muslims pose a very real threat.

For God's sake Cameron sort it. If you can check the whereabouts of every cow in the country surely to check immigrants can't be that difficult.

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As a GP, and Farmer, I trust your opinion, above these clowns.