Saturday, 17 July 2010


This is taken from the SWP website.
It may go some way to explaining WHY the BNP will never get Fair Treatment and WHY the NEWS in the Papers and on TV and Radio is little more than PROPAGANDA.
And why Britains children are being dumbed down and Indoctrinated.
It doesn't say a lot but you need to view it as to who is working with who.

"BBC mass meetings against attacks on pay and pensions: The NUJ, BECTU and Unite have called mass meetings at BBC workplaces across the country.
The meetings have been angry, well attended, and have voted, in many places almost unanimously for a ballot for strike action. So far there have been meetings at Birmingham, Cardiff, TVC London, Bush House London, Bristol, Belfast, White City London, and Broadcasting house London. Last week we managed to put in a Socialist Worker leaflet to most of these workplaces.
This week we must try and revisit all these workplaces with the paper and an updated leaflet (which will be sent out), as well as getting down to leaflet the workplace meetings in Manchester (Thursday) and Glasgow (Wednesday).
Union leaders will meet on the 19th July at the NUJ headquarters in London to discuss outcome of mass meetings."

In Barnsley the trade’s council, NUT & UCU locally have already put on a coach to Birmingham while in Oxford the local Unison NHS branch has put on a coach. London Region UCU, Birmingham NUT, Islington Association of the NUT, Islington 6th Form Centre NUT have all passed motions of support for the 3 October demonstration in the last week.
Coaches are already booked South London, Central London, Hackney, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh & Dundee.
Affiliations continue to come in for RtW despite the summer holidays, East Cheshire Unison, Wigan Unison & Unite Staff Ericsson Coventry affiliated to RtW over the last week...
While the NUT's Christine Blower is calling for a representative from each school there is obviously room for a much greater mobilisation.

Marxism has been deeply embeded within the Education system, Media, Local Governement, the Unions, etc.
No wonder they won't give us a level playing field. After all they decide what is shown and reported in Britains Newspapers and TV News.
SWP, the real "Enemy Within" ?

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