Friday, 16 July 2010


Accrington forced marriage row pair locked up

TWO of three men involved in a confrontation with police and a social worker after a schoolgirl complained she might be being lined up for a forced marriage are behind bars.

Burnley Crown Court heard police were abused and ended up calling for back-up at a house in Accrington.

The social worker, who was threatened with death and racially insulted, said it was the worst incident she had ever had to suffer in her job.

Khalid Hussain, 24, of Ormerod Street, Accrington and Majid Hussain, 23, of Great Townley Street, Preston, admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Mohammed Liaqat, 19, also of Ormerod Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to causing racially aggravated fear of violence.

Khalid Hussain, who was sent to jail for two years in April for another offence, was said by Judge Andrew Woolman to be ‘proving a trouble to the community’.

He and Liaqat were given four months in custody each.

Majid Hussain got four months in prison, suspended for two years with 120 hours’ unpaid work.

Sergey Prokofiev, prosecuting, said last August the girl was removed from her home and two police officers and the social worker went to speak to her relations.

Initial discussions seemed quite amicable but Liaqat claimed the girl was being held against her will and demanded she be returned to her family home.

Majid Hussain was vociferous in stating she had been in contact with her relations.

Mr Prokofiev said Hussain and Liaqat went towards the officers shouting abuse and they and the social worker got up to leave.

Khalid Hussain ran into the room with a mobile phone, insisting the officers see what was on the phone and was rude and aggressive.

The prosecutor said Liaqat approached the social worker’s vehicle, and said to her: ‘I am going to kill you.' He then made a cut throat motion.

Majid Hussain said the family was fed up because officers were not listening to them when they claimed the girl had been in touch.


Anonymous said...

If the media, especialy SKY Tv,
put as much effort in reporting these filty creatures, as they do with the terrible 24\7 coverage of the Raul Moat item, perhaps the average " Joe Public " would see the threat these islamist loons bring. [

Hardly a mention on the news of these crimes.

It seems only Nick Griffin is prepared to expose these evil crimes against women and young girls.

Strange, how the Labour Feminist Army are so very silent on this issue.

Whats Fran McCauls opinion on this, she would be better placed as a school teacher, campaining against this obscene behaviour, instead of insulting true decent PATRIOTS.


What, the police did not run away?these are after all wonderful muslims who are above all laws.could it be that the police have actually suffered an outbreak of spine and moral fibre and for once have upheld one of our laws?