Thursday, 22 July 2010


This weekend in Wigan a new group called PAC (people against cuts) are staging some sort of Political demo in regards to job lossess.
it has been reported that

"PAC aims to forge a “non-partisan” alliance of Wigan trade unionists and public service users across the Metro against the huge public spending cuts across the borough over the next two years and beyond."[...]

"PAC prides itself on being a ‘broad church’ with activists including leading figures in Metro town hall unions Unison and UNITE, plus civil service union Public and Commercial Services (PCS), along with community activists from across the borough,

A spokesman from Leigh Unite union, branch president Stephen Hall, said the rally was the first street event."

Now listen to Jack Dromy the leader of UNITE, the Labour party treasurer and married to the hateful woman HARRIET HARMan has to say on British Jobs For British Workers (A BNP slogan which New labour stole)

Do you really believe what UNITE and the rest of the unions say ?


Lanky Patriot said...

Will they be inviting us to any demos they have?

Silly Kuffar said...

Have alook on WT, they're having one this saturday, might nip along and see what Fascist bullshit they start to spout. I might ask them where were the Unions when they closed down Britains call centres and offloaded the jobs to the Indian subcontinent.
They were'nt too woried about British Jobs For British Workers then.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Lest we forget who the fascist/communist is at the helm of this PAC.....It's none other than Stephen Hall of the SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY member & SOCIALIST UNITY author who organised all his left wing thugs to Nick Griffins visit to Leigh and someone who kisses the feet of his Respect leader George Galloway and salutes his courage, his strength, and his indefatigability. And when we see Mr Hall....who's surely going to holding his hand? Yep, you guessed it - it's the crackpot Che Chevara luvvie combat trousered, jackboot wearing sieg heiling firebrand crackpot and anti-British, yet Muslim appeasing Mr Peter Franzen.
These two couldn't give two hoots for the safeguard of the towns workforce...this is another group of left wing misfits trying muster support to halt the growth of the BNP locally..just like they tried to organise the Wigan's Peoples Alliance earlier this year!
If you really want employment protection and representation then why not join a union that protects British jobs and which really does make a massive effort of protecting British jobs..then join the fast growing Solidarity Union now for just £5 a month. PLEASE don't be brainwashed by Hall and Franzen 'PAC' nonsense - those two are serious fascist communists avoid them at all costs. If in doubt...why not look into what we found out about these to individuals using this blogs site seach facility!

Anonymous said...

i think we should turn up at the demo's and give out the dvd . tex

Lomra Greener said...

Having had experience of the loathsome mr dromey, I can only advise that nobody should trust him farther than they can throw the Isle of Wight. Watch you don't slip in his slime trail.