Thursday, 15 July 2010


I see Nick's visit to Orrell has been published in the press with the usual howls of protest by the antidemocrats of the far Left and their sponsored thugs.
As I said I was asked for my comments and waited to see what was deleted .
I was pleasantly surprised by what they did put in the report but my barbs about the true hooligan nature of the "Wigan against Racism" group were omitted.
Of course they have to put the worst photo of Nick they can find to please their Common Purpose bosses, but they are pleased when something like this happens as it helps sell their publication which is usually devoid of news.
In spite of that it was fairer than usual.


kgb1959 said...

let the bnp leader speak . Do not forget we live in a democracy.

Rob Roy said...

The British National Party stands for true DEMOCRACY. You braindead New Labour voters who worshipped at the feet of the multi-millionaire and closet god-bothering lawyer - His Tonyness might not understand what Democracy means. It does not mean Govt telling us what to do every minute of every day, it means Govt holding office and NOT 'holding power', it means freedom and liberty for all genuine law abiding British people, it means fairness in its dealings with the British people, it means listening to people, it means educating people so that we can make informed judgements instead of dumbing us down so we follow the pack, it means a referendum on issues like the Lisbon Treaty and selling us out to the corporate EU. Its about mutual respect for our fellow countrymen and countrywomen and recognising just how bloody lucky we are to live in a country where good honest British people sacrificed themselves over centuries to give us openness, enlightenment, freedom and justice.

So a ragtag group of social misfits, union drones, and other unsavoury cretins want to subvert Democracy and replace it with Communistic restrictions? Over my dead body you scum....

If you love communism so much....go move to North Korea where I'm sure you'll revel in the totalitarian regime that controls its people with an iron fist and murders those who dare questions what the boss says. I'll pay for your one way ticket...

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is an elected MEP for the North West, voted for by the people.

The UAF have NO elected MEP, MP, or Councillor, WHY do they always
get a mention - they are loons, nutters and rent a mob cretins,

Weyman Bennet, Gerry Gables etc etc all non elected anti British

They rule by intimidation and pick axe, they DO not represent me or anyone I know. Thugs one and all.