Thursday, 15 July 2010


Today I read in the paper that the bearded wierdos controlling the Church of England want to ban "Jerusalem" as too nationalistic.
This declining institution, many of whose clergy do not believe in its central tenets or even sometimes God should take a look at the reasons for its increasing irrelevence and falling congrgations.
The name Church of ENGLAND should resonate with them a bit. It our NATIONAL church and thus should applaud the theme of the hymn which is building a better united England.
Yes I also believe that the belief that Christ visited England to be nonsense but there are many aspects of the Church's doctrine which can be so described.

There have been criticisms of the phrase "dark satanic mills" could alienate city dwellers. When this hymn was written there were indeed many dark satanic mills which provided the wealth which sustained their predececessors in the church with their magnificent buildings and their comfortable indolent livings.
Militaristic? Have these so called educated people not heard of metaphor?
A bow of burning gold or an arrow of desire are hardly weapons of choice in a military campaign.

In reality the hymn expresses a desire to build a beter England, not to attack anybody. It is a rallying uniting anthem for those who wish to work together to that end.

The fact that the Church finds these sentiments objectionable demonstrates their lack of affinity with the land after which their church was named and their desire to see it descend into a "Tower of Babel".

I speak as a confirmed Anglican but feel the institution is increasingly becoming not only irrelevant but a figure of fun which is sad considering the power for good it could be.
But then as the senior clerics are appointed by the government perhaps that is to be expected as it is obvious that their plans are the destruction of our country.


Red Squirrel said...

I wouldn't put anything past those bearded freaks Lanky Patriot.
I think that most of them have abandoned Christian principles altogether in favour of Marx or Mammon, or both.
Also,especially the Archbishop of Canterbury, they are gutless Dhimmis who are all too ready to concede to Islamic 'demands'.
My uncle was senior warden in an Anglican cathedral; he would be horrified to know the depth to which the Church has sunk!

Rob Roy said...

To be frank Lanky I am an atheist and find it all hilarious. Why do people listen to any of these self-appointed god-botherers? I'll avoid a huge religious debate but suffice to say that if religion was legally recognised as a hobby (as with stamp collecting, choir singing, football, rugby, astronomy etc) and had all its 'special' legal protections removed (refer to Lisbon Treaty) the UK would be a much better place for it. Some people need a god figure as a crutch through hard times and I completely understand that.

The UK did well as a secular country. The introduction of ever more intolerant and close-minded religious twaddle just does us a huge disservice us human beings and makes the UK a more dangerous and unpleasant place to live.

Lanky Patriot said...

Rob Roy I said that I was a confirmed Cof E.That does not mean that I am a believer, only that I had a sound? indoctrination.
I am in fact now agnostic but still believe the tenets of the Christian religion form or should form the basis of our national life.
Like you I believe these people of whatever belief have too much influence on our national life and there is no logic to the central beliefs of any faith.
I am however the product of my upbringing and in spite of my doubts still find the church buildings places of peace and their presence an anchor in my feeling of belonging to a community.

My children were babtised as were my grandchildren with my encouragement. It made I believe them one of "our tribe" in spite of my and their lack of committed faith.

Anonymous said...

As a practising roman catholic and a member of the BNP I think that this hymn/song says exactly what I feel about my religious faith and my beliefs in a christian Britain. We must stand our ground . This is the devil in one of his many guises at work