Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Why are these riots taking place in Northern Ireland?. It doesn't say much for Tony Blair's "Peace Process"
Yes they are against Protestant traditional celebrations of a battle fought long ago but this mayhem is not necessary.
It is said that these processions are provocative. Why? Everybody is happy to celebrate St Patricks day. Is that provocative. Neither tradition provokes me.
What does provoke me is muslims marching in MY country and demanding preferential treatment. I am provoked by even having to look at their medieval garb.
The two sides in this never ending feud are in effect brothers separated by minor differences in politics and religion.
Whether a person is Protestant or Catholic pales into insignificance beside the threat to both communities, i e islam.
I have friends both Catholic and Protestant and more that I do not know what their faith is, nor do I care. We are all of the same stock, only separated by ancient historical events.
All people love their traditions and I enjoy seeing both sides proclaiming their identities, but they are both Christian identities nurtured in our history.
Instead of fighting like this we should celebrate our unity in the face of the islamic danger which threatens all our traditions.
Let both sides celebrate each other's ancient traditions and work together to save our lands from this alien islamic religion.


Anonymous said...

Well said, Lanky! As usual you have a way with words that should in no way offend either side (that is Catholic or Protestant)
I know you have had 2 wives - one of each of the above religions so this proves your impartiality.

Lanky Patriot said...

Yes Anonymous. As you rightly say I have had two wives, but being British I have to add not at the same time although I remain on friendly terms with both (most of the time).

fairminded said...

I don't really mind moslems in general. What I object to is them wanting me (and everyone else) to be moslem. I have lived and worked in more than one moslem country and I had to abide by their customs, traditions and laws. Why is it then that they seem to be exempt from abiding by ours?