Tuesday, 13 July 2010


At a party last Sunday I was informed that Nick Griffin had attended a service in Orrell at the invitation of Wigan Metro.
Knowing nothing of it I assumed it was a case of "false identity" and it still may be as I have not had it confirmed.

However today I was contacted by the press to ask for my comments on Nick's attendance and the usual shrieks of fury from the hammer wielding, state funded "Wigan Against Racism"group of misfits.
I have replied by e mail with my comments and will see how much is published.
I will put the full unexpurgated letter on the blog in a few days after I have seen whether my letter has been edited.

If the story is true I can not resist this anthem, beginning with "And did those feet"etc


Anonymous said...

I spoke to Nick Griffin at the parade in Orrell on Sunday last. I found him to be a most approachable character who displayed a genuine interest in the district and, in particular, the Church of St Luke's. What a shame that others in public office don't do the same. I asked why there had been little, or no, publicity for the event and I was told that it was a deliberate policy to avoid alerting members of 'certain groups' who would seek to disrupt the proceedings. This was not due to the presence of Mr Griffin, but due to the fact that several ex-servicemen would be parading.

Lomra Greener said...

I was also at the occasion and I also spoke to Nick Griffin. I agree with the previous comments. Surprising that there weren't more liabour representatives there. Apart from smiffy of course. Not a sign of the new liabour councillor for Orrell. Wasn't he invited?

Anonymous said...

Always, straight, always up front, never hide, always available,
never have to qualify my words or actions and never do I lose dignity.
Nick Griffin - tells it true