Sunday, 18 July 2010


Will you be ready for this ?

Islamists are already emboldened by the lack of Political Will to contain them.
We are already under attack yet nothing is said, serious Islamist and "RACIST" attacks upon us go largely unreported or under reported.
The Police turn on us when we complain, with jackboot and fist.
The powers that be drag us through the courts, enforce Islamists "RIGHTS" to call for murder and mayhem on our streets.
Allow our HEROIC SOLDIERS to be spat on and abused at their homecoming parades with Police Protection.
Those arrested are from the INDIGENOUS POPULATION when they try and fight back against their lands and people being abuse and dispossessd.
Isn't it time we stood up and be counted ?

The predicted future in the film need not happen.
It all depends on what Politics and Politicians do, and we know what they are doing and it's not in OUR INTERESTS.
We need Politicians who only have the best interests of the Country and People at it's heart.
Their is only one Political party who will be able to turn things around, but it needs everyone's support.
UNITED STAND, Divided we fall.

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