Sunday, 6 June 2010

Yvonne Fovargue - New labour MP for Makerfield.

On Fri 4th June Makerfields New New labour (Have they dropped the New yet?) held her first constituency surgery.
A few questions were asked in regards to Makerfield and Wigan as a whole.

Ms ? Fovargue was asked what the voters of Wigan should expect in regards to the massive cuts due to New labours TREACHERY. The reply was typical and not unexpected, 'We have not been told by the other partys what cuts and how deep are coming, so nothing to do with me guv, 'onest'


If the MPs of the party, now the Official Opposition, that have BANKRUPTED US will not even hazard a guess, nor make an attempt to throw a bit of mud at the CONDEMS over the massive cuts expected to come, then maybe she's too scared to reveal anything about the state of our finances that her TRAITORUS PARTY caused or she's burying her head in the sand ?
Have the Official opposition not been asking questions about how deep the cuts are going to be due to their DELIBERATE ACTS OF TREASON ?
Do they not know nor care about what they have done to our Country ?

Well guess what WE WANT TO KNOW AND WE CARE !

Another quick question was about PR or Proportional Representation.
Would she support PR in Local Government if it was what the people wanted ?
Answer NO!
Do you support DEMOCRACY for the voters of Wigan ?
Answer Yes.
So why would you not support PR in Wigan ?
Answer Because it's "NOT MY TYPE OF DEMOCRACY" ! (Paraphrased)

Now ..
What type of Democracy is their ?

She did say that she supports AV or Alternative Voting, which is not PR but another way of the ruling elite to keep it's grubby bloodstained hands on the levers of power.
And that she prefers the Ward system ?
We can still have wards under PR.
And she likes constituencies.
Though that's only because of the ability to gerrymander for political ends.
So to try and expose our Ignorance of who our MEP was after being elected through PR she asked who our MEP was.
And was told it was Nick Griffin.
Only to be told in no uncertain terms that "Nick Griffin is an MEP for Yorkshire."
Wow, New Labour got good at boundary changes and gerrymandering but I didn't think they could move whole counties ?
Then the penny dropped for her.
At which she and her aide arose and went to leave the room. (We shall see in the future if she is willing to treat all her constituents as equals and with impartiality).

So, in general terms, on National issues what will affect her constituents and constituency ='Dunno' ?
In terms of changing the broken electoral system and restoring Democracy to the voters of Wigan = Only if it's thier (New TREASONUS Labours) kind of Democracy and not the Democracy the people want. (Paraphrased)


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