Sunday, 6 June 2010


Morgan, where are you?
We have not heard for you for two weeks.
Are you OK.

If you are can you contact me urgently.



Sir Henry Morgan said...

Ah - just read this - got back yesterday evening from involvement in family difficulties. Will have to return for more of the saame in August (assuming I'm still in-country).

Will call you later today.


Need: either transport to visit all our candidates, or someone to take some forms around for them all to sign. All else is done - handing paperwork in tomorrow - but there is a form each for them all to sign ... but as I have no wheels and can't afford to run around the borough in a taxi, someone else will have to do it.

I have until Friday to get my forpaperwork in, and there is an extra week to get the candidate signatures in.

Still need Griffin's help over the attempted electoral fraud, unless you want to just let it pass. Wigan police refused to accept my complaint - but what could we expect when we know that it's the town hall they'll be investigating and they're thick as thieves with the senior people there?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

"forpaperwork" is a cross between forms and paperwork

Lanky Patriot said...

Morgan, give me a phone number and we can talk and make arrangements. It is important as I will be unavailable after tonight.