Friday, 11 June 2010

Go On..............Give The Man Another Chance!

Man in fireball suicide bid jailed
From the Telegraph & Argus, first published Tuesday 1st May 2001.

A suicidal schizophrenic is starting a four-year jail sentence after he tried to set himself alight on a petrol station forecourt.

The quick-thinking actions of an attendant and passer-by, who managed to prevent the man from setting fire to himself, were praised by a judge who recommended they each receive a reward of £200.

Eritrean refugee Emerson Melake, 29.....

Attacker warned: ‘I am going to kill someone tonight’
8:10am Friday 11th June 2010

A PARANOID schizophrenic gave a chilling warning he was going to kill someone, just hours before he stabbed a disabled man in the throat.

Stephen Heath, aged 61, lost two pints of blood when he was attacked in his home by Emerson Melake, Bolton Crown Court heard yesterday .

They went to see if Mr Heath was okay, as he only has one leg and uses a wheelchair, and found him “bleeding profusely”.

When police arrived they found Mr Heath in his wheelchair at the sink in the kitchen trying to stem the flow of blood from the cut in his neck.

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Anonymous said...


A DRUNKEN Wigan man who punched and kicked another man has been jailed for nine months.

Daoudi Hassan is an illegal immigrant, NOT a Wigan man, deport him and all other criminals here illigally as soon as they offend, thus saving tax payers money, and reduceing the jail population. or is that to easy ?

Sick and tired of reading stories similar to this.

Also the killers, of Kriss Donald,
Scotland, should have been hanged.

Had they done the crime in their own land, they would have been hanged.

No, they are ruling the the roost in the jail. from their prision cells.