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Citizens UK is the national home of community organising. Our goal is to increase the power of congregations, trade unions, schools and community groups to participate in public life.

We train leaders to build powerful community organisations. We campaign to change our country and our cities for the common good. > This is how it works

Campaign for Change

Working together for the common good, Citizens UK mobilises the support of politicians, faith leaders, unions, business-people and hundreds of local organisations across the UK.

Strangers into Citizens is a campaign for a pathway into citizenship for long-term undocumented migrants. We have won the support of London mayor Boris Johnson and more than 90 MPs. > Read more
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Citizens for Sanctuary seeks to restore Britain’s proud history of providing sanctuary to people fleeing from persecution and tyranny. > Read more > Join in

Schools Alliance works with students, teachers and parents to build a culture of trust that helps students thrive in the classroom and the community. > Read more > Join in

Living Wage has put an estimated £24 million back in the pockets of low-waged workers since 2001. > Read more > Join in

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Citizens UK is the hub of community organising in the UK.

London Citizens is the UK’s largest community alliance, bringing together more than 150 of the capital’s faith congregations, trade unions, schools and community groups. It works to end poverty, improve housing, and make London safer. > Read more

citizens:mk, based in Milton Keynes, is our newest local alliance of citizens and community leaders. > Read more

We are currently exploring other opportunities for new Citizens groups in North London, Oxford, Leeds, Cardiff, Plymouth, Nottingham, Newcastle, Bolton, Bradford, Glasgow and Belfast.

Be a Leader

Through our training, community leaders gain the skills and techniques to build powerful communities, influence decision makers, and transform their cities.

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Community organising can be a rewarding career. Through a master’s degree programme and a summer academy, we are training the next generation of professional community organisers. > Read more

We are always looking out for talented and committed individuals. Positions come up on a regular basis and short ‘try outs’ of three months are occasionally possible. We seek to transform community organising into a recognised profession for people who want to bring about transformative change within communities across the UK. All organisers from regional branches are employed by the Citizens UK – our role is to train, develop, mentor and support organisers. If you are interested in a career as a community organiser please > click here

Our Team

We have a diverse and talented team of 20 committed, community organisers, working mostly with London Citizens and supporting similar citizens alliances in Milton Keynes and Oxford, and those developing in other major cities. Our Citizens for Sanctuary national campaign has built local groups focused on asylum issues in 18 UK cities.

For the Citizens UK members of staff please > click here

How are we funded?

Citizens UK is funded by members, grant giving bodies and by individual donors. We do not receive or seek public funds, which has given us a critically important independence over many years.

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Sustaining our work financially is not easy. Trustees, staff and members are grateful to the varied individuals and organisations who give generously to us. Donating to Citizens UK is a direct investment in participative democracy and in stronger, cohesive communities.

New Labour are using this and other organisations to take control of our communities.

This from David Milliband (TRAITOR)

"First, I want to help train 1,000 Labour Party members in community organising techniques during this leadership campaign – and more if I'm elected Leader. Building on the best and strongest traditions in our party, my team is working with the Centre for Civil Society and Citizens UK to provide training to volunteers and party supporters. This is an investment in Labour’s organisation and its future leaders. I believe this is critical to our future success – in fact I have already undertaken the training myself."

Since when have charities trained political activists etc to run communities ?

Since when did the communities consent to New Labour controlled communities.

There are many more groups "Charities" getting involved with political parties. Surely this is wrong ?

Shades of Common Purpose about this.


Durotrigan said...

What a nightmare! It all seems rather similar to Dave's 'Big Society' idea too. I can see that I'll be getting pressured by folk at my workplace to get involved in nonsense like this, and when I refuse, I'll be subjected to a session of enforced Maoist self-criticism.


What do you expect from the jew,whose family entered our country illegaly,this organisation is certainly not for the benefit of the indigenous English people,since we seem to be totally bereft of "community leaders"because we used to live in our own country,now it seems that we live in some-one elses.