Tuesday, 25 May 2010


We think we're the only EU country with a Third-World mass immigration problem caused by the EU?

This is the picture in the Netherlands. Of course, they have less than 1/5th of the Third-World (mostly Mohammedan) immigration problem we have ... but then, the Netherlands has only about 1/5th of the indigenous population we have. So our two countries have, like for like, about the same problem.

This costs them about 7.2 BILLION Euros A YEAR!. So how much does it cost us, in these times of austerity? And our new (meet the new boss - same as the old boss) government says it's having a hard time deciding where to cut just £6billion? I'm sure I'm not the only bloke who can see an instant pain-free (for us) way of saving about £30billion - five times that figure? SEAL THE BORDERS! We're an island, and the NewLayabout government didn't entirely succeed in destroying the armed forces, so it would be easy enough.

And think of all the savings we could make from shutting down the now-redundant "diversity" industry, and all its associated tax eaters?

Here's something said in the Netherlands:

  ... he intoned that non-western immigrants cannot be viewed exclusively as 'a cost item', maintaining that people should not be viewed as 'economic goods in a cost/benefit analysis'. However, given that for years we were told we need immigration to pay for and care for our ageing population, that about-face is a bit on the lame side, isn't it? 

Here - go read it all (not long) including the numbers.



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Anonymous said...

That cost is all spent on the "you pat my pat, I pat yours" money-go-round. So much profit in peddling misery that those willing to take part seem to be lining up (or imported).

Governments love to have a reason to intervene and what better excuse is there than allowing the proverbial brownstuff to hit the fan. Repeatedly. Until fan is broke and we have to fit a new one.

Isn't just financial costs but social, environmental and even market costs for the common folk that is affected yet brushed aside as a mere by-product to be bared.

I'm just pee'd at the Gerrymandering ways cos Peckham now resembles a third world thoroughfare. Even Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas anymore.

Sure it is convenient but for the love of God, it's a nice feeling to have commercialism take an official break once in a while.

Immigrants are not the problem. They were brought here for one reason and one reason alone.

To undermine our democracy heralding an era of enforced liberal democracy with some sort of 'State-approved Constitution' subject to change at the drop of a hat.

For if our own Kin consider us as 'expendable' in pursuit of evermore draconian laws, we can be sure NuBritons are seen in a lesser light than that.

Apologies for the waffle - long day, mixed emotions. HRH sounds unwell when I heard the speech this morning and it is just sinking in what the new proposals may mean. Blimey, looks like I'll be living in a caravan if the Condems get their way.