Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I see Andy Burnham has admitted that people's fears on the levels of immigration to our country have not been taken seriously enough by his party.
He must have been told this by canvassers in Leigh as he is rarely seen in his constituency, apart from photo opportunities taken to show him in a good light.
Perhaps our better than expected results in our area have given him food for thought.

As regards people's fears one only needs to see the names of those who replaced our BNP councillors in Dagenham. Apart from one all the names are of people of an ethnic minority (soon it seems to be an ethnic majority). Much of this was achieved by gerrymandering (thousands of new voters registered in the last few weeks prior to the election), the blatant racism of "operation Black Vote" (can we have "Operation White Vote" or is this racist?) and blatant postal vote fraud.
This is the fate which awaits us in Wigan and Leigh if this colonisation onslaught is not halted soon. Already we have a muslim MP in Wigan it seems although her name seems a disguise and we have had muslim Tory candidates for Makerfield and Leigh.

Is this what we really want? I'm sure if Burnham and the Tory hierarchy asked the people they would be told NO in no uncertain terms.

WE HAVE LESS THAN 30 YEARS before we are in a minority in our own land and our population approaches 80 million.

This is unsustainable and a recipe for civil war. We did not ask if we wanted to lose a thousand years of history so we will know who to blame.
We are pleased with our progress and much needs to be done but at an enthusiastic meeting in St Helens last night it was evident it was evident that we are all up for it.

New systems are being put in place to increase our efficiency and we will SOON BE READY TO GO ON THE ATTACK.

So Labour and Tory MPs. Dont sleep too soundly in your beds. We are growing fast.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

It's worse than the overall population figures indicate.

Look at the demographics for immigrants OF FIGHTING AGE (15-45). We are fast being overhauled, and it will be much less than 30 years before we are outnumbered in that key age group.

Half of the indigenous population is older than that, and beyond all that is required for soldiering. Sure, people our age may have had the reqired training, but all that we can really do is sit in a hole with a weapon. We are simply incapable of all the running around, climbing, and humping 100+lb of kit for long distances quickly, and all the other privations that have to be endured by a modern soldier fighting a war.

We mostly seem to forget that bit.

We've also become too dependent on using our technhnological superiority to win our wars. A war on the streets of this country wont be like that.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

And look at the immigrants coming in - mostly males, and mostly of fighting age.

We are governed by fools.

Silly Kuffar said...

Now he desperately needs to get the Indigenous population back on side Bungem will say anything, against the Iraq war but didn't have the Morals nor Principles to say or do anthing about it. Watch them all now deny the Anti-Christs Brown and Blair not once, not twice, I'm waiting for Bungems 3rd.
Though he did admit that he needs to be on the National Stage, He need and wants to be in the trough, he was nearly pleading to the assembled massess of Devil worshippers to keep him grubbing. Typical SCUMBAG New Labour money grubber politician.
We know we can't trust them. Only the wealthy elite pray at New Labours cash alter. How can any working man, with hand on heart, say he voted New Labour for what they have done for them ?