Saturday, 1 May 2010


Gary Chadwick
British National Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Leigh Constituency and your local election Atherleigh Ward candidate.

"As one who has been born and bred, and one who continues to live in this town, I find it totally inexcusable to see the town in such a sorry state. Those who are responsible both in local and central government for the interests of Leigh must be brought to task.

That is why I stand as your British National Party candidate for Leigh. For far too long the great and proud people of Leigh have been put to the back of the queue, ignored and neglected in what was once a thriving strong industrial area.

Now we see nothing but an industrial graveyard which has brought much misery and deprivation. I will strive to reverse this trend and once again put local people and businesses first and encourage a great sense of pride, belonging and respect.

It is absolutely imperative that more emphasis is put into bringing long term and meaningful employment to this town instead of attracting the multitude of ghastly fast food takeaways with their nuisance menu flyers.

I will champion a freeze on council tax increases and ensure we get the services we deserve and preserve our green belt and rural areas from unnecessary and greed driven developments.

Additionally I will put a firm stop to this council’s ludicrous handouts from our core budget to politically motivated minority groups at the first opportunity.

And encourage a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour in Leigh.

Only a vote for the British National Party will put local people first".


Keats said...

Good luck on Thursday Gary.
Best Wishes to you all from Leicestershire Community Voice.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Gary !