Friday, 30 April 2010


Last night we were invited to give a talk on our policies and introduce ourselves in a pub in Tyldesley, a town I have to admit we have neglected until now.

It is a real turn up when we are invited to speak rather than pleading for a room, but that situation is becoming more common, so much so that I have been unable to visit many of the venues to which we have been invited.
It was good to present our policies to people who had not seen us in person before and I think the meeting went well with many seeing our party in a new light and not through the distorted mirror of the mainstream media.

Although I think we converted several people I can not claim to have converted all there.
It was interesting and pleasurable to discuss in a friendly way with people with opposing points of views, similar to a game of Ping Pong, tossing ideas across the net , sometimes disagreeing but conducting the "game" in a friendly manner rather than the inane chants we often get from the state sponsored UAF.
This is how politics should be conducted and those who can only shout insults are defeated before they have opened their mouths.

We will continue these satellite meetings in the future, planting the seeds of a BNP surge even ater the election.
Our party needs to be there when the inevitable s**t hits the fan in the next few months and the inevitable austerity measures to correct the disaster which faces us and in which the three main parties have been complicit.
People will see that we need REAL change and our aim is to be there waiting to take up the challenge.

Other than that the response to our campaign has been unlike anything I have experienced in my 8 years membership of the party. Hopefully it will turn into votes on May 6th.
Unfortunately we have not been able to comprehensively leaflet all our areas as our support has grown quicker than our limited resources can at present match. We have not the backing of non dom millionaires nor Marxist unions and we must face the state sponsored thugs of the UAF but make no mistake we will overcome these difficulties and continue to grow in efficiency, assets and organisation.

Why? Because we have dedicated people who BELIEVE in our cause and we have the adrenalin flowing in our veins owing to our progress and the discomfiture of our opponents.

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