Thursday, 22 April 2010

You are ENGLISH!

That's a word you don't often hear these days isn't it. Me? I'm Welsh - a word you DO hear these days, along with Scottish, Cornish and Irish. But most of you reading this are none of those things: you are ENGLISH. Take my word for it. Honestly, I'm telling the truth, believe me. I'll say it again - ENGLISH! Start insisting on it; make sure your kids learn it, and make sure their schools teach them their history - even if it does mean they learn that their ancestors gave mine (and everyone else's) a kicking a time or two. Not many people in the whole world who haven't been on the receiving end of a English kicking. You are renowned for your history - everywhere but here that is. Why's that then? /rhetorical question - and the answer will stay the same until you get involved in the education of your kids.

You've got a history that I, as a Welshman, have always thought was worth killing for. Oh wait ... . It's a matter of pride in some places that the English took the trouble to give them a kicking, but at least they didn't find it easy in their particular case. And who do you English respect the most? That's right - the ones it was hardest to give an English kicking to. Germans for instance.

St. George's Day tomorrow - get those bloody flags out and on show. I'm going for a ride on the bus into town tomorrow and I expect to be dazzled by all the red and white I see fluttering in the wind. I like it when I see the English being aware of their Englishness - makes me feel that at last they perhaps understand that we Welsh are aware of our Welshness.

St.George's Day starts at midnight ...



Anonymous said...


I fly the Union Jack and the flag of St, George 365 days of the year.

There is no shame in being, Patriot. I love and defend my Flag.

I saw a report on This Week, saying the " Right " have hijacked the Union Flag, the Asian TV film maker, is so in need of educating.

Shame on our Schools, but then again, you only have to take a look at their Union Leaders.

Grandparents, and Parents, meed to tell our Children their history,
some kids in my Sons class, when asked who Churchill was, replied the nodding dog on the car advert.

My Son, was angry and disgusted, were are a Military family.

Shame on us, this lot are wiping out our History and Heritage.

BNP, are the only hope for our future.

My sons school, now has Islam week, they are being shown the doctrine of Islam.

Are the Islam Kids, being taught the following of Christianity. ?


Anonymous said...

Only the BNP will bring our troops home now.

Only the BNP will pull Great Britain out of the totalitarian disaster zone of the EU.

Only the BNP will stop needless immigration and give relief to our local services and education system.

Only the BNP will ensure British jobs do indeed go to British workers.

Only the BNP will stop giving away billions of pounds of money that Britain dosn't have in foreign aid.

Only the BNP will put Great Britain and the British people's interests first,

Sir Henry Morgan said...

The church at the bottom of Market Street Hindley also flies the flag permanently.

Lanky Patriot said...

Just been for the paper.

Not many houses round here but I've seen 2 George Crosses flying frim cars already.

George Cross always at the top of my drive so just my usual Red Rose in my button hole today as I have done for 40 years even when abroad in Italy and the Carribean