Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Do not update to it. I did and I've lost everything.

Especially do not update if you use Outlook Express for emailing - Windows 7 does NOT support O.E. - but you only find that out after you've loaded it. So I now have no email service, and no desire to use the email services THEY tell me I must use. So if you've emailed me and gotten no reply - sorry, but blame Microsoft.

I also downloaded my files from my original XP to an external hard drive. XP told me they were downloading, but Windows 7 tells me they are not there to load them back in. So I've lost everything.

I am not a happy bear. Feel like going bush with a rifle (if you understand what I mean by that). And no - don't bother trying to tell me what to do to sort it out ... I'm not interested in anything at all right now.

And as regards the NewLayabout manifesto - remember that "The public has no legitimate expectation in manifesto pledges" - so it's all a pack of lies: they can do what they feel like if they're re-elected, and there's nothing you can do about it. And you can be sure they will, of course - just like the 2005 manifesto turned out to be a pack of lies. But that's just NewLayabout for you.



Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Morg,

Try using Thunderbird, instead of Outlook Express, it's free and works a lot better than any Microsoft product. It has a similar feel and appearance to OE and is easy to use, you can download it from the site below.


They also do a free internet browser Firefox which is more stable than Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Keep well
Chris Hill

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I know you mean well Chris, and I do already know about Thunderbird.

But I'm in such a foul mood that I did say in the blog-post that I didn't want anyone telling me what I should do.

And I already use Firefox - I only use IE when I want to create a desktop shortcut to any site.

I'll probably apologise to you later.

Dr Chris Hill said...

Hi Morg,

You said:
"I'll probably apologise to you later."

I say:
No problem, I don't take offence so easily, and I know how frustrating these things can be.

Keep well
Chris Hill

Amusing Bunni said...

Sorry to read about this, Morg. There is nothing more annoying and frustrating, and plain maddening than having your computer screw up so badly. I've been there, and it just made me crazy. I got SO sick of windows when my last computer died that I got a mac mini, and so far, it's been light years better.

I hope you get the problem sorted and try to have a nice day. On the bright side, you all only have 3 weeks to you get to elect gordoom out of there.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'vr made a lash-up to work my way around the problem.

My old laptop has a wireless facility. I've connected my laptop up and have it constantly roaming looking for unsecured wireless networks. When it finds one it connects up, and I then have access to my old e-mail, which stays up to date. Also have access to my old files, pictures, shortcuts and bookmarks. And I can still use them on the net by using the old laptop. Everything on it is dated up to early March, then this new system takes over from today, so all I've irrevocably lost is this past six weeks. As time goes on and I load stuff into this new machine, and spread my new email to all my contacts (still have access to my address book) the laptop will become increasingly irrelevant, and in a few months I'll be able to put it away again and use just this new machine and operating system (I still think XP is better than Windows 7 though - although that might just be natural human conservatism, small 'c'). I now have an email account with G-mail.

Essentially, the problem's sorted, though it does rely on unsecured wireless networks. Fortunately, plenty of people don't secure their links.