Tuesday, 13 April 2010


The news that the three MPs will be receiving legal aid in their appeal against their charges of corruption appalls me. The cost of the cases could run into "millions. The whole legal aid system needs an urgent overhaul.

A person known to me was refused legal aid when he was only on £200 per week on the grounds that his income was too great.
Someone who DID get legal aid was Kevin Maxwell, the son of the notorious Labour thief and Daily Mirror owner.

Something stinks about this system. Could it be that most of the senior government and opposition members are lawyers. They make (not earn)massive salaries defending corrupt politicians and leaving us, the ordinary taxpayer to pick up the bill, while using the extortionate charges to try to bankrupt legal political parties such as ours.

I would scrap the system altogether for people on more than say £30,00 per year and even then make them pay a proportion of the costs.



Sir Henry Morgan said...

Spot on, Charles. I was once refused legal aid when I was earning £3/hour. The solicitor charded £125/hour (+ barrister's costs, + the court costs,+ travel costs for all (300 miles each way to the court - I would have to pay all that).

The worst thing about it was that it was a repeat of a case I'd already won two years previously, for which I DID get legal aid. The difference was that the first time we had a Tory government, the second time it was this NewLayabout government.

All I wanted to do was to enforce an order the court had already made the first time I was there.

So apparently, this government wont even give help to enforce orders its own courts had made.

I believe TATA got legal aid as well as Maxwell - or was it that other Indian who had bought himself a peerage from Blair? One of them, anyway.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

It's INjustice that's being done and being seen to be done.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Reach for the blood pressure tablets....I remembered this little gem (sic) from a while back actually it's 2005 (which surprised me) also look at the links on other news stories from these pages? Sometimes we need reminding about who said what all those years ago!!

Who gets legal aid and why?



p.s how do you hyperlink on a comment? DOH!

Dr Chris Hill said...

I hat to agree with anything this New Labour load of crooks have done, and I'm sure reason for making the change was nothing to do with getting justice for the poor and oppressed.

But in 1999 the rules on legal aid were changed so that an applicant in criminal case had only to prove that granting them legal aid would be in the interests of justice. This I (in my humble opinion) was a change for the better.

Everyone (even crooked MPs) have the right to the presumption of innocent, until proven otherwise in a court of law. However once proven guilty I think that criminals should have to repay all their defence costs. Sell their homes, or make them work to pay it off which ever is quicker.However pay they should, but only after they are proven guilty!

Chris Hill

Dr Chris Hill said...

Tell me why when I proof read the comments I post do they seem fine, but when they appear on blogs (any blogs not just this one) I've made myself look like an illiterate baffon?

Chris Hill
In that last post 'hat' should of course be hate!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

We're clever Chris - but not THAT clever. If we were that clever we'd already be governing the country.

Haven't you noticed that we make typos too?