Tuesday, 6 April 2010


What a bunch of losers these three "main" party leaders are.

Brown comes out of Downing Street with his team of "experienced" people who have presided over the biggest financial and social disaster our country has faced and thinks we should give them another term. A team of liars incompetents and thieves.
Some hope Gordon.

Meanwhile Cameron seeking as always to look determined chin set scoots across the country to speak to hand picked "diverse" audiences spraying wishy washy promises to his audience about his plans for fairness and change. His audience could be used in a study of boredom. They looked half asleep until they gave the usual half hearted and no doubt signalled applause.
He wants to change the country? I thought he was the "Heir to Blair".

No mention of how he will balnce the books, the Afgan War or immigration (having seen the make up of his audience that might have been dangerous)
Great play was made of the way that Cameron (the tough guy) has changed the Tory Party. Yes it did need changing but he has taken the good bits out and moved to the soft multiculti Liberal ideas while rejecting the patriotic parts of Tory policies.

Meanwhile the Lib Dems want change. To what? This is not specified.

All three leaders omit to address the causes of social breakdown and the economy and what to do to right it.

Wars, immigration and the destruction of industry and above all the costs of the EU.

We are hoping to improve our percentage massively locally and nationally this election although we are realistic enough that we will be lucky to win Parliamentary seats.

We may alter the outcome however and if we do this the other parties will have to take more notice of our opinions.
Also when the hard times come which they will surely do we need to be there to offer the COMPLETE change in direction our country needs.
Congratulations to Nick for tying the interviewer in knots as shown below. They will soon realise that our leader, and many others in our party are not the pushovers these interviewers are used to and WE GIVE STRAIGHT ANSWERS not evasion.

We shoot from the hip.


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