Tuesday, 6 April 2010



Lanky Patriot said...

Well Nick shut her up did'nt he?

keep going Nick. We who were in Coventry yesterday as representitives of our various areas were all united.

If that's all they can throw at us we have no worries.

All we would need is more air time, and the votes would come rolling in.

Andy said...

She seemed unprepared and scared. Almost as if she did not believe what she had to say.

I do feel its time to emulate the NLP that the other parties use and practice. Honesty is get getting a fair hearing.

I felt sick with all those fawning acolytes and sky spy cameras as brown went through that train station today. I've never seen so many kids on a Tuesday since I was at school.

Freeborn John said...

Vintage Griffin and no mistake, I reckon some leftist journos will have their egos bruised before this election campaign is over.

Dr Chris Hill said...

This is a good TV interview by Griffin, unfortunately he spoils it by this ridiculous climate change denial. Although he may well have been referring to the misuse of the truth of climate change for political ends. But if that was the case he should make it clear.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Since 1945 we have had Tory and Labour Governments with the useless Lib Dems looking inwards.

Since 1945 we have seen our Nation divvied up.

To have lasted this long was only due to the control of the information. Only since the internet and whistleblowers do we know the plans.

Vote the same, get the same.
Vote BNP and save the Four Kingdoms

BTW: That journalist got owned.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, no wonder the media are so afraid of Joe Public, actually seeing the real Nick Griffin and the real British National Party, as we members and supporters do.

The Internet and our excellent website and BNP TV are our way to let the people see the truth, then people begin to question the media
lies and insults, of the usual BBC and the Guardian etc.

Nick Griffin is a sincere and true Patriot, none of the other three Party Leaders can come close,
they are phony, phony and phony.