Tuesday, 20 April 2010


We are often accused by surrounding our leader with "heavies" in dark coats and glasses which it is said shows us as thugs.
This picture taken from the Dail Mail shows the protection the UAF supporting Cameron gets at our expense. A policeman armed with a machine gun.
So that's OK but when our security people protect Nick Griffin against Cameron's dart throwing thugs it is seen as intimidatory.
I wonder what this state paid for "thug" would have done if a dart had been thrown against his effete master as was done by Cameron's UAF thugs to Nick.
Perhaps the perpetrator would have had one or two rounds sent in his direction.
At least we ourselves pay for our leaders protection and do not ask the taxpayer to do this.
Or is Cameron hated even more than even we thought.


Dr Chris Hill said...

I just wonder if the guard ever gets tempted to do his country a favour.

Chris Hill

Dr Chris Hill said...

I should make it clear that I was talking about Cameron's guard, because unfortunately Griffin's guards aren't armed.

Two birds with one stone! ARRRR I'm day dreaming again ain't I?

Keep well
Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Being Partially Sighted myself, I feel for Nick, he only has sight in one eye.

I am sure his bodyguards, are extra protective, especially when darts are aimed at Nick.

Another thing, I believe, troubles " His Minders " are acid, or other liquids, being thrown.

Remember, Mandelson got a liquid thrown at him, ok, it might be water, but it could be acid ?

I think his Body Guards, do a excellent job.

With regard to the " Skin head " hair cut, many men who are losing their hair, prefer to shave it off.

Look at the Police, they have people who have shaved heads, are they Thugs ?

In this time of economic stress, the average haircut is £8.00,
I myself have purchased clippers for £29.99, which will save me pounds for my two lads.

Plus, The BNP members, have to pay for security, for our Elected MEP.

Brown, Cameron and Clegg, are paid for my the tax payer = US.