Tuesday, 20 April 2010


To give the security services a carte blanche £12 billion to eavesdrop on all our personal electronic communications, when the problem lies with a minute and easily identifiable minority. Ditto for airport security

To carry on with the myth that globalist, deregulated neo-liberal economics are the future

To persevere with a correction system which clearly doesn't work. (And even dafter to build more prisons)

That educational standards and breadth are as good as forty years ago

To have life-survival products in private hands

To allow largely uncontrolled immigration when the country is already overburdened by social service costs, housing problems and acutely high population density

To extol the virtues of globalism when the planet faces such serious ecological problems

To have remote, all-powerful central government deciding on local and community issues. (And even dafter to make county, police and hospital districts bigger still.)

To allow a tiny minority to get richer and richer, and a sizeable minority to get poorer and poorer

To make billions of cheap, shoddy items we have to soon throw away when the Earth is already in need of more landfill space

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Dr Chris Hill said...

Economic Implosions: Is Great Britain the Next Greece?

This guy is the Emeritus Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts, what he has to say about the current state of the UK's economy is truly scary.

"UK in financial meltdown."

Chris Hill

Dr Chris Hill said...

"Short (3min) summary of the UK's financial situation from the full video above"

Chris Hill