Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Here's a couple of interesting comments I've picked up on the web this morning:

"Oddly enough I had lunch with a journo today, legal not political (works for the Times) from what he's been hearing from colleagues and pollsters Labours position is being vastly overstated, raw numbers have them at circa 20%, less in some places. "

" Say people, in their general disillusionment, were now responding more openly about their voting intentions, especially if they intended to vote for the BNP. I wonder what pressures might be brought to bear on the polling organisations to suppress that information lest it encourage les autres horribles and caused a mighty whitey stampede, and exactly how those pressures would translate into the published 'results'. "

" les autres horribles" (the horrible others - i.e. us), and  "mighty whitey" ... hahahahahahahahaha - like 'em.

Also might explain the utter lack of deference from the journalists involved in yesterday's press conference with Snakeslime, Balls and his tart??

I'll dig the vid of it out and post it later.

UPDATE: here's the vid - well worth watching, especially all the patronising from Snakeslime:


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