Wednesday, 28 April 2010


As a BNP organiser of course it goes without saying that I am not a bigot and believe in tolerance for the beliefs of others. I can not tolerate irrational beliefs and the opinion that there is only one point of view.

Today in Rochdale a bigot was exposed, our soon to be deposed Prime Minister.
Gordon Brown on being asked sensible questions on economics, education and the NHS by a long standing Labour supporter got in his car and called her a bigot. The lady seemed to know her facts but why she was still until then a Labour supporter is a mystery as she obviously could see the flaws in Brown's policies.
Now the Oxford English Dictionary defines a bigot as "an obstinate and unreasonable adherant of a religious or other opinion. An intolerant or narrow minded person"
Does that just sum up Gordon Brown and for that matter the other "main" political parties.
Disagree with them and they call you a bigot. The Tories and Limp Dems are just as bigoted.
Some questions it seems are beyond the pale and must not be discussed even though they are of utmost importance to most people, like the economy, jobs and immigration.
Immigration is a definite no no. We are not allowed to mention it even though parts of our major cities do not resemble British cities any more.
The people's opinions must be suppressed with draconian laws that make it a crime even to complain at the loss of our way of life.
Jack Straw even had the idea that expressing a politically incorrect opinion even in ones own home should be a crime, a policy reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.
That proposal was dropped as one measure too far but the fact that it was thought about just shows the mindset of those who AT PRESENT rule us.

The excuse used by Brown's accolytes that it should not have been transmitted fits ill with the prosecution of Nick Griffin being secretly recorded at a private meeting and then prosecuted.
When Nick was cleared Brown said he would change the law so un PC thoughts and statements could be criminalised.

The worst part of this revealing episode for me was the hypocrisy of it all.

"How nice to meet you. What a nice family", and a few seconds later calling this lady who had praised him a bigot.

When a man shows his supporters such disrespect, how much more much contempt must he show those with whom he disagrees?

He shows he and his party is using the people for their own ends, and is a hypocrit and a liar. His apology was because he was found out.

The Tories and Limp Dems are no different. You can see the shallowness of their walk abouts and the staged element of them, but they have not been caught out to the same degree YET.


I have been busy answering enquiries from people anxious to hear our views and been welcomed enthusiastically by all those I contacted. In the 6 years I have been in this job I have never experienced such enthusiasm or had so many calls.
There is a sea change in British politics and even though we may fail to breakthrough this time before long we will take our rightful place as the only honest party in British politics.


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Andy said...

Here's the fun part everyone seems to be missing. She was NOT Mr's Joe public as the likes of the BBC stated. She was hand picked the TV. They are all hand picked for the TV.

Sue Nye head of public relations had her lined up thinking that sweet old Labour voting granny would treat him like the second coming with no questions asked.

Want proof? Just listen again to what he said.

Well, Brown has to live with the fact the sweet old granny cannot yet be sent to the ministry of love for a while. Maybe if she voted him for another term it might happen.