Sunday, 7 March 2010


We have been warned of Swingeing cuts to the NHS, and now VAT on FOOD.
Why do we not keep the Foreign Aid budget?
Instead of making things easier for the British ZaNu Labour has "ring fenced" the FOREIGN AID BUDGET (Billions of ££££ of TAX PAYERS (your) MONEY). We have allocated billions to countries who have Space programmes, upto-date military technology etc.

"The feasibility of introducing the food tax is being raised informally between civil servants, industry bodies and retail insiders.

So politically-sensitive is the move that all the talks are occurring "under the radar", according to retail industry insiders.

However a VAT levy on food of between three and five per cent would raise billions of pounds in tax and help reduce Government borrowings, which are expected to hit £180 billion this year...

The tax would be controversial as it would disproportionately affect poorer families. Any move to impose it would be vehemently opposed by the UK's large food retailers, who argue that it would be a 'tax on living'. "

This country is BROKE, but that's ok, we can borrow the £££Billions to give away and keep foreigners in the luxery they don't deserve in their countrys of birth or their country of RESIDENCE and if your not an INDIGENOUS BRIT even better as the British Taxpayer will pay even more TAX for it.
We don't see any benefit from this. NOT ONE IOTA.

Our pensioners struggle to pay their Bills, so they cut down on basic neccesities such as FOOD, HEATING etc.
The New Labour DESTRUCTION OF BRITAIN will reach into the pockets and purses of the most vulnerable to pay for this, OUR ELDERLY, POOR (4 million children - one in three - are currently living in poverty in the UK, one of the highest rates in the industrialised world. This is a shocking figure given the wealth of our nation.) under New Labour) and our SICK

For those of us who remember the 1970s, where the Labour supporting COMMUNIST BACKED UNIONS caused widespread disruption, and caused the demise of a great deal of our manufacturing Industry (British Leyland, NCB, British Steel etc) Power Cuts, Petrol rationing etc. Guess what the, 70s part II is now showing the length and breadth of Britain.
If it has not yet come to your Town, Village or City don't worry, it soon will.
New Labour will not abandon their core (IMMIGRANT) voters, they will be catered and cared for in their home countrys and/or country of residence.

Are you prepared for the hardships ahead ?

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Road_Hog said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, as I missed this story over the weekend. I was alwasy taught at school (left school 1981) that VAT was a luxury tax, it would seem that food is about to become a luxury,