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I love MadeInEngland's videos because apart from reporting on incidents he adds a twist of humour. This one left me with tears running down my face and struggling to breath, I was laughing so much. The ending did it lmao

Anyway, here's the story...

Friday, 5 March 2010 - Two men who shouted "scum, scum, scum" at Muslim protestors during a soldiers' homecoming parade have been convicted of committing a public order offence.

Patriot 1, 27, of Hartley Road, and Patriot 2, 40, of Bollingbroke Road, both in Luton, both denied committing the offence in March 2009.

Magistrates in the town convicted the men following a trial.

They both received a nine-month conditional discharge and were ordered to pay costs of £175 each.

The men had denied using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress on 10 March.

The court had heard they were among a crowd of "25 to 30 hardcore protestors" shouting at Muslim demonstrators during a parade of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Insp David Atraghji had told magistrates there were shouts directed at the extremists of "Bin Laden's wife is a whore" and "go and have a shave".

He added he had seen finger and hand gestures, and the Muslim protesters were told in explicit terms by the crowd to "go home".

In a police interview, the court heard, Kelso said the protesters were abusing people he considered heroes.

"My intention was to give them a piece of my mind," he added.

"If they want to be like that, they should go back where they came from.

Speaking after the hearing, Supt Mark Turner said: "Luton town has enjoyed excellent community relations for a number of years but it seems last year a small minority came to the town to cause disorder.

"There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to strengthen community cohesion in the town."

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Taken from Derby Patriot .



Dr Chris Hill said...

I stood in a council by-election here in Lancaster in June 2006. Outside the count, after the polls had close, a group of around 20 demonstrators (including our lady vicar) shouted and chanted such things as scum, and much worse besides, as I and other BNP activists entered the count that night. Veiled threats were made against us, but the police made not a single arrest that night*, why?

Insult and threaten an indigenous British person and the police simply don't want to know, or at least the brownie pointers at the top of the police force don't. Insult a member of another community and you'll find yourself in court.

British justice Impartial, don't make me laugh.

Keep well
Chris Hill

* This lack of an arrest by the police was in fact an improvement over their action in May 2004 when after being threatened by a group of ANaL yobs, I was arrested and kept in custody for 4 hours.

Anonymous said...

Total losses in Afgan 271.

When will it end ?

This Government imports Muslims, and feeds and gives a roof to the very people our troops are being blown up and murdered by.

When will this Country wake up.

Thank God for The British National Party and Nick Griffin.


The police do not want the heroin trade disrupted,as it augments thier pay.